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I think I would agree with this since broadcasting on the internet is not
much different than broadcasting on the air-waves.  There is definitely a
difference in streaming media to a subscribing customer with dedicated
receiving hardware ( a set-top box) verses streaming on the internet, even
if the same pipe is used.  Agree?

I consider the internet, or more specifically the World Wide Web, to be
mainly a public transmission medium.  What do you all think?


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Washington -- In a report to Congress Monday, the U.S. Copyright Office
said companies that intend to stream local TV signals over the Internet
should be denied a key copyright license that cable operators use to
distribute the same signals.

“Several businesses are using, or plan to use, the Internet to retransmit
broadcast programming. The Office recommends that businesses using the
Internet to deliver video programming should not be eligible for a
statutory license at least this time,” the 275-page report said.


John Willkie

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