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There are some distinct differences between IEEE 1394 (a and b) and USB
(1.0 and 2.0) that allow one to work for some applications and the other,
not.  For instance, IEEE 1394 allows video devices to directly stream DV
and HDV encoded video straight to other devices or into computers.  USB
does not have the architecture to do this.  I am not sure why, but it is
definitely something in the architecture of the bus standard.  USB has the
advantage of plug-and-play.

USB 3.0 might change that and it would be interesting to hear how it works
other than just speeding data up.

But I doubt it will replace HDCP/HDMI because it was hard enough to get
manufacturers and content owners to agree to get that system approved, let
alone to get approval on an open bus architecture.

But perhaps I am just showing my ignorance on the matter.  I wouldn't mind
hearing from those that know intimately about how each of those standards
work.  In fact, any direction to technical papers would be greatly


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Back in the days when IEEE 1394 and USB were being introduced, I
wondered why USB was even necessary. However, we all know that
technologies fail or succeed for many reasons, among them being a good,
continuous development effort. And just sheer numbers in the

Case in point, USB, about now to come out with the 3.0 standard.


thinks that it might push FireWire off the table.

But more importantly, why wouldn't USB push the ever troublesome HDMI
out of the market, and the still-not-here DisplayPort, just as USB
already is doing to MIDI, RS-232, joystick, and other lesser standards?

USB 3.0 supports 4.8 Gb/s. Along with USB's existing structure of
defined device classes, version 3.0 should easily support the
combination of audio and uncompressed HD video. In the TV case, with
something like HDCP layered on top. And it's hot swappable by design, so
none of those HDMI foibles, hopefully. And devices can be daisy chained.

Either USB 3.0, and a UWB or 60 MHz wireless interface carrying USB 3.0,
could very well displace HDMI and DisplayPort, it seems to me. Who would
have thunk it.


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