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John Golitsis wrote:

> Do my comments really sound partisan to you?  They
> weren't meant to be.  Who says that all Republicans
> are going to be in favour (note the CDN spelling) of
> this, anyway?  I'll bet that there's a good number
> who aren't.

I hate to digress, but ...

Excellent point. Folks in other countries are probably
unaware of the level of inconsistency that has crept
into the rhetoric of the two US political parties.

The Democrats, back in the Carter years, were quite
happy with large deficits and were instrumental in
dismantling much of covert intelligence operations.
You can search on Church Committee Hearings for the
motivation for the latter:

"In its consideration of covert action, the Committee
was struck by the basic tension--if not
incompatibility--of covert operations and the demands
of a constitutional system. Secrecy is essential to
covert operations; secrecy can, however, become a source
of power, a barrier to serious policy debate within the
government, and a means of circumventing the
established checks and procedures of government. The
Committee found that secrecy and compartmentation
contributed to a temptation on the part of the Executive
to resort to covert operations in order to avoid
bureaucratic, congressional, and public debate."

The Church Committee, 1973


These days, the Democrats are finding themselves
having to object to the disconnected mess they
helped create in the intelligence community, and to
the lack of intelligence gathering assets that existed
before 9/11. Not to mention the deficit spending of
this administration, which they thought was perfectly
okay back when the economy was a shambles in the Carter
years (double digit inflation and unemployment).

Anyone care to guess how the Vietnam War was funded?

On the other side of the coin --

The Republican party seems to have been highjacked
by the religious right? Republicans finding themselves
opposing scientific research on religious/moral
grounds? When did this happen? Or using human rights
arguments to justify an invasion? That's a strange
indeed. What happened to the undercurrent of
isolationism the Republicans have always been known

This is the weirdest election I've seen, certainly.
And it's even more strange to hear Democracts and
Republicans debate their inconsistent views so

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