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Review: Flip MinoHD
By Robert Mohns
(December 12, 2008)


The Flip MinoHD is the latest product from Pure Digital Technologies,
an upstart company that has turned the camcorder market on its head
with its family of digital camcorders.

The Flip concept is simple: a tiny, handheld video camera reduced to
its essentials. As compact as an iPod, it has no tapes and needs no
FireWire - it records directly to integrated flash memory, pops a USB
jack out the top, and mounts on your Mac's desktop with standard
MPEG-4 video files ready to use.

The original $130 Flip appeared in 2006, under the awkward name "Pure
Digital Point & Shoot." in 2007 it was renamed to the Flip Video. In
late 2007, the $150 Flip Ultra added higher quality video, more
memory, and a variety of colors - and over the following year, took
13% of the camcorder market! In June of 2008, Pure Digital introduced
the even smaller, sleeker, $180 Flip Mino.

The $230 Flip MinoHD, introduced last month and reviewed here, offers
true 720p HD video with the Flip's defining ease of use in the same
tiny size.



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