[opendtv] News: Britain's "FCC" Sees The End Of The FM Radio Road

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When you move to an infrastructure that can deliver massive amounts of bits to fixed, mobile and portable receivers, at some point you realize that separate services for radio, TV and data are redundant...



Britain's "FCC" Sees The End Of The FM Radio Road

Ofcom is the United Kingdom's version of the FCC, and, after concluding that services such as mobile television could make better use of the FM spectrum, sees the eventual end to FM radio, although it may be several decades before that actually happens.

MediaGuardian.co.uk reports that, according to a document on the future of radio, the British broadcast regulator said that it would also look at whether AM spectrum could be released for other uses. The potential phasing out of FM radio has been pushed to the front burner of Ofcom's agenda following the rapid growth in digital radio.

In a statement, the regulator said, "We have no immediate plans to switch off FM radio and would not do so without fully considering the impact on consumers, but in the long term other services may make more efficient use of the spectrum used by existing FM radio services and may provide a better consumer outcome. This could mean an end to the broadcasting on FM of those commercial and BBC services that are also available on digital."

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