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I suggest that a search of early TV patents might turn up some of the DuMont 
engineers that could still be living.    These guys might have some insight 
into what went on.  Unfortunately, this stuff would pre-date the cross-indexed 
computerized patent listings that date from the 70's, so a han search would be 

Richard Palmer, who was at Sarnoff Labs a number of years, has been dead 
twenty-odd years.  Dunno who the company's other boy geniuses were.

Al Limberg
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  I have an associate who is a retired broadcast engineer and is researching 
the early history of television including the contributions of Dr. Allen B. 
DuMont and the DuMont Television Network.  He says that while Clarke Ingram has 
done extensive work on the DuMont History, very little has been said about the 
technical side of the Network.  He has questions about what happened to the TV 
Equipment manufacturing arm of DuMont Laboratories and understands DuMont 
equipment was used by many early broadcasters with some as a "turnkey" station. 
 He'd sure like a list of those stations.  Having lived in Kansas City, 
Missouri for much of his career, he had an opportunity to visit DuMont's only 
UHF outlet after it went dark.  Actually, all that is left is the original 
studio space in a downtown building and the transmitter site (now a church) on 
the Kansas side of the Stateline.  He's asked me for his help and now I'm 
asking for yours. 


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