[opendtv] Digital, So Slow

  • From: Kent Borg <kentborg@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 01:48:38 -0400

Tonight we saw the "Funk Brothers" at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
They put the stage in the intersection of Saint-Urbain and
Maisonneuve/President Kennedy.  We didn't have the best standing room
locations, we were off to the side, so part of the time I looked at
the TV projection up top on our (right) side of the stage.

How confusing!  The video was significantly delayed.  (My wife
commented on it too.)  I tried to estimate the delay.  My early guess
was 10-frames, but I quickly dismissed that and started paying more

When Joan Osbourne sang "For Once in My Life" one of the Funk Brothers
was hitting a tambourine and the audio+video combination made for
double-time.  (IE, video 180-degrees out of phase with live.)  When
they did "Heard it Through the Grape Vine" his live tambourine was in
apparent sync with his video avatar, so single-time for that number.
I decided the delay was 3-frames or less.

Where did such a big delay come from?  There was a TV broadcast coming
from the venue (they sat around until 9:31 PM to start playing), but
we were watching local video (complete with a please-wait graphic
before the start).

There were three cameras on stage and one crane close to
down-stage-right.  200-some-feet out in the crowd was a pair of
cameras, and roughly even with them, stage-left side on top of the
Place des Arts, was a second crane.

How many frame buffers were we running through?  How much do digital
switchers delay things these days?  What else would delay the local

Analogue might have had generational losses but there are still are
things to miss about it.


-kb, the Kent who is currently listening to his favorite jazz radio
statio, via the internet, from France.

P.S.  Walking over the Charles River in Boston the other day they were
testing the sound system for the 4th concert.  Very echo-y.  I am
guessing the delays they put on each tier of speakers farther from the
stage weren't turned on yet.
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