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When setting up audio for a large outdoor festival venue, it is not uncommon
to have a second set of "assist" speakers about half way back into the
crowd.  The assist stack crispens up the audio for those folks in the back

 These speakers are driven with time delayed audio so that the main audio
from the stage stack is coincident with the audio from the assist stack.
The distance between the two is usually in the 100 meter range, and the
delay is in milliseconds.

Obviously, the farther away from the stage you are, the larger the lip sync
delay on the large screen monitors will be.  After just having watched a
Fourth of July fireworks display from a very close vantage point, the very
long delay between the time of seeing the starburst and hearing the booming
report of the shell explosion reminded me all over again just how slow sound
really is!


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> Kent;
> Sounds pretty bad, but before one can think about the video delay, you
> to talk about 1)  how far away you were from the stage, 2) describe the
> speaker set up (were they all on the stage) and 3) how many feet you were
> away from the nearest set of speakers.
> You were, after all, at a festival.

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