[opendtv] Re: Cable vs. Telco: What Happens When Competition Outpaces Washington Rules

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 13:19:08 -0400

What you describe is obviously NOT "TV". It something better than TV. TV 
as we know it is dead. Wireless broadcast spectrum will be used in the 
mix. It will be best used when it delivers ubiquitously mobile or fixed. 
With the coming of inexpensive massive storage, multi terabytes, the 
Tivo model will morph from choosing what you want to record to recording 
everything unless you have decided not to record an item or category. 
You won't miss anything. We have to find a name for it. Or does it need 
a name? What's in a name anyway? Long live TV!

Of course the present generation above 10 years of age has to die off 
for this to become normal. Personally I find that I still am clicking 
through the channels to find whats on even though I could record 
everything and watch it when I want. Old habits die slowly.

Bob Miller

Silvio Macedo wrote:

>TV from the Internet? Not real?=20
>Just for a moment, lets suppose that the following is true:
>Imagine content I get through my ADSL is 70% of what I see on TV.
>The other 30% are news or simply to make me some company while I'm
>reading or work at my PC.
>In those 70% ADSL video, I get all major scifi shows I like, movies,
>sitcoms or independent movies. Instead of waiting months/years until
>one of the channels in my cable gets me Startrek Voyager/Enterprise or
>Stargate Atlantis Season 9 (http://www.scifi.com/atlantis/), I get
>them 10 hours top after they are broadcast for the first time in US -
>sometimes even before that.
>and no.. SciFi is not one of the popular channels - so, it won't ever
>come to my cable...
>Imagine that I have a client downloading everything that matches
>"startrek", "seinfeld" , etc,(azureus.sourceforge.net or
>sourceforge.net/projects/ptc) ,etc from one of the many RSS torrent
>sites. Add to that, that I get them on XVID, through my home network,
>into my TV, and don't have to go out and rent dvds, waste time looking
>for blockbuster movies of the week, wait for the show to start on TV,
>remember to tape it if I'm not at home,etc.
>I could even get HD on a projector, with AC3 six track, without having
>a STB and a new TV.
>I simply get videos from friends or look in www.imdb.com for the best
>movies ever, and simply type "magnolia" in eMule- give it a day or so
>to arrive.
>Plus, imagine that I pay 20euros/month for all of this - automatic
>downloading content I like, that I actually want to see, when I want
>to see. And all of this with a cheap 1Mb connection - not 8 or 16Mb as
>I could get for only another 20euros.
>Wouldn't I be willing to pay another 20euros to do all of this
>www.itunes.com says I would.
>Just imagine if all of this was true...
>Technology and BW is there - we just have to make it legal and fair.
>>You can call that "Internet TV" all you want - I'm sure using the =20
>>term sells articles for you - but this just isn't Television to me.
>>Not to mention that it's been around for MANY years now.  At what =20
>>point did it become "TV"?
>>On 13-May-05, at 8:53 AM, Craig Birkmaier wrote:
>>>Basically any company that is
>>>using the public Internet to  deliver video content. This includes
>>>various news portals, and all kinds of streaming media enabled by
>>>companies such as Akamai. Also independent film types who have
>>>the Internet to promote their creations, like the 405 video.

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