[opendtv] Australia to launch Freeview service

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  • Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 16:26:48 -0400

Obviously, Australian MVPDs must have been unsuccessful at convincing
the population that coollness is only achieved with a large monthly
bill. In principle at least, in the US, it would be the NAB to take on
this role.

This is all part of the same web that makes it impossible for US FOTA
users to find an HDTV PVR that doesn't sucker them into a monthly fee.

Does anyone out there really believe that the market for an HDTV FOTA
PVR in Australia is so huge, compared to what it would be in the US,
that Panasonic is better off selling them there but not here?

BTW, same happened with HD Radio receivers, vs. DAB receivers. We had to
wait years for a hifi stereo HD Radio receiver to become available, when
DAB products like that were already being marketed for Europe (mostly
for the UK). Why? The UK is a bigger market? Amazing.



Australia to launch Freeview service

Australia's free-to-air commercial television networks together with the
nation's public broadcasters have announced the establishment of an
Australian version of Freeview.

A consortium has been formed to help drive take-up of the free-to-air
digital television platform.

Freeview shareholders include the ABC, SBS, the Seven Network, the Nine
Network, Network Ten, Prime, WIN and Southern Cross. The ABC's Director
of Television, Kim Dalton, will Chair the not-for-profit organisation.

Mr Dalton said: "This is an extraordinary step forward for the
free-to-air broadcasters. Together we have pioneered digital television
in Australia, investing millions in infrastructure and converting our
equipment and studios accordingly. Now it's time for Australians to reap
the rewards; Freeview will offer viewers more channels, great content
and the very best quality picture and sound."

From next year, free-to-air networks will broadcast an additional
standard definition (SD) channel each, in addition to their primary SD
channels, and their recently added high definition (HD) channels.

Freeview will host a total of 15 channels under its name and will be
launching an awareness campaign to ensure consumers are ready for when
the full suite of channels are available next year.

Ahead of the launch, Freeview is working with manufacturers to ensure
appropriate technical standards are met on all television or digital
set-top-box equipment that will carry the Freeview badge.

DTG Staff 18.07.2008
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