[openbeos-midi] Re: Freeverb

  • From: "Matthijs Hollemans" <matthijs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos-midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:44:29 +0100

Hi Matthew,

> I'm an OpenBeOS newbie looking for anything
> to contribute to... the MIDI kit is a possibility,
> though I don't know much about MIDI itself.

As I tell anyone who wants to contribute to the Midi Kit: all
contributions are welcome, no matter how big or small. But the Midi
Kit is only a small project and there is only so much to do. I
myself will start working on the second milestone of the midi_server
soon (which is sending and receiving of MIDI messages) and after
that I plan to clean up the midi1 kit code (the old pre-R5 libmidi).
Both jobs are something I want/need to do personally.

The only remaining jobs are driver support for the midi_server
(Jerome already started on that but as far as I could tell it is not
complete yet), a kernel module for the MPU401 chip, and the
softsynth (Jerome is working at that now). So, although your offer
is appreciated, maybe you can also check in with other teams (such
as the Media Kit or the Network Kit) because they may need your help
more than we do.

> Since no-one has mentioned it yet on this list,
> I should draw your attention to Freeverb [...]
> It might be sufficient to take care of the whole
> "reverb" part of the MIDI kit [...]

Cool. Maybe Jerome is interested to use this for his softsynth
implementation? On the other hand, this reverb may be better off as
a third-party plug-in/filter for the Media Kit instead. The only
place the Midi Kit uses reverb is in the softsynth, and a simple
softsynth for games and stuff will do just fine. Third parties can
always provide their own softsynths ;-)

Thanks for the link, though!

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