[openbeos-midi] Freeverb

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  • Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 23:00:55 GMT


I'm an OpenBeOS newbie looking for anything to contribute to... the MIDI ki=
t is a possibility, though I don't know much about MIDI itself.

Since no-one has mentioned it yet on this list, I should draw your attentio=
n to Freeverb, a public-domain software reverb by Jezar Wakefield at Dreamp=
oint Design and Engineering.

I'm not sure whether it's as tweakable as the one built in to BeOS, but it =
sounds (as in, I've listened to it) *very* good.  It might be sufficient to=
 take care of the whole "reverb" part of the MIDI kit without any modificat=
ion.  The code is very simple and portable C++.

There's a few enhanced / ported versions of Freeverb - search on Google.  T=
he original source can be found at, among other places: http://www.akustisc=

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