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  • From: Crain Greg <greg.crain@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 17:04:47 -0500

>complete yet), a kernel module for the MPU401 chip, and the

As far as the MPU401 module, I started putting together some of the =
basic mpu401 commands for entering UART mode, reading and writing into =
a kernel module to contribute.  I don=B4t think I want to write the =
whole module since it works closely with the midi_server, but once you =
see the basic idea, you=B4ll see it is really very easy. Basically, it =
is really nothing more than writing a byte at a time, or reading a byte =
at a time from the UART data port, and then just the transfer of buffer =
pointers to/from the midi_server (or an endpoint, if thats the =
preferred method).  The only other thing is that the module will need =
to keep track of how many devices are opened and closed, and also keep =
track of the mpu401 port addresses and interrupt line for each physical =
mpu401 device created.   I am away from my Be machine for the next 2 =
weeks on business and then vacation, but after that I can share =
anything I=B4ve done.
Also, there is some free non-GPL sample code in the developers area at =
the Creative website that contains a lot of mpu401 sample code, and =
even some test code.  You could really create most of the module from =

Greg Crain

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