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After the mission, Cynan had been keeping to himself, wondering if and
then what, he'd have to tell the counsellor about the incident aboard
the USS Tomonga. The Captain would surely request this and he couldn't
see anyway out of it.
Heading to his quarters he was suddenly confronted with Zena Quetan - 
was lucky that he was watching where he was going or he would have
bumped into her... literally.

"Cynan! Just the man I was looking for."

"Erm, I'm sorry?"

"I was looking for you. What's up?"

"Oh I was just thinking that we should all wear bells around our necks.
That way we'd never be colliding like this!"

"Aww but that would take away all the fun!", she replied with a wink.

Cynan sniggered.

"Yeah okay.. now what was it you were wanting?"

"A one-on-one in the simulator. Think you can take me?"

Cynan raised an eyebrow.

"Think Jaav will let me?" he said chuckling.

"Oi you! Coming or not?"


They both left for the holdeck...

Zena loaded up the program, the walls of the holodeck shimmered and 
now stood outside an air field hangar, pilots and soldiers wandered
around the base or tinkering with engines

Cynan looked slightly confused

"Choose yer plane" Zena said with a grin

"You're challenging me at flying? Cynan said raising his eyebrow 

Zena nudged him softly as she walked into the Hangar "I did used to be 
pilot you know...I reckon I could give you a run for your money"

The program was an old Terran one, the year 1944, on an army base, in
the hangar 2 Spitfire's waited for their pilots. Zena threw a parachute
at Cynan "You'll need this"

As Cynan and Zena approached the planes a cool breeze hit them blowing
their hair giving a kind of movie effect as they were preparing for the
"show down" (lol couldn't resist putting that)

They sat in the cockpit and started the engines, Cynan signalled Zena 
leave first, she nodded and took herself out smoothly to the run way,
Cynan followed.

Zena spun the plane round and sat on the run way ready to go, the
engines whirred loudly.

Cynan did the same at the other end of the field "So what are the
rules?" he asked over the communications device

"Last one remaining in the air wins, you can eliminate the other by any
means" Zena replied

A young man stood in the centre of the 2 planes he stood holding an 
rag up in the air, he looked to Zena, then Cynan 

He waved the rag then brought his arm quickly down to his side 

Zena and Cynan both pulled off and within the space of a minute were
both successfully up in the air

Zena flew across the sky leaving a trail of smoke behind her, Cynan 
through the smoke and was quickly on her tail, she pulled hard to the
right and looped pulling upwards then straight down as she came out of
it, she was now side by side with Cynan

They looked at each other and grinned

Cynan pulled off to the left and dived low, Zena gave chase, She got 
rear in view and fired rapidly at him but he spun to the side and the
bullets flew past him, he went lower still and shot off in-between two
buildings, Zena took the opposite direction with the hopes of cutting
him off

As she sped round the corner Cynan appeared directly in front of her, 
gave off some shots at her but having already seen him she quickly
pulled up over the top of him, instead the bullets flew into a supply 
petrol, they pierced the containers and a massive explosion took out 
whole building where they were located.

They flew further away from the now half destroyed base, over fields 
crops, Zena took herself down low over a corn field, the stems of the
corn hit the belly of her plane, a large barn was getting closer and
closer, Cynan flew to the side of her he nodded at the barn, looks like
they were now playing chicken!

They both flew hard at the barn neither of them looked like they were
going to pull away, the doors were wide open, they both turned their
planes side ways at the last minute to squeeze through the doors
together, they crashed through the back of the barn, the debris became
caught in the propellers causing both the planes to seize up.

They went hurtling forwards disappearing into the centre of  a tall

Seconds later and the pair having freed themselves from the wreckages
rolled out onto the floor, they were covered in hay and their faces 
all black.

They sat in silence as they watched the haystack set a light.

Finally Zena spoke "Sooo...I guess we call that a draw?" 

"A draw?", Cynan muttered whilst thinking.

"Yeah, because neither of us are still in the air."

"But I then you did hit the hay first, Zena" he said moving his 
up and down quickly in a sort of eyebrow wink.

"What! I so did not!"

"Yes you did!"

"Right! That's it! Computer! Restart program!"

As soon as they'd stopped giggling at each other and the computer had
complied, they were off. Set to prove just who the Topgun really was.

(So what call signs from Topgun would all you guys give Zena and Cynan?
Answers on a postcard and send them to the list!)

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