[USS Vanguard] We've got a quest to complete

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  • Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 07:57:03 -0700 (PDT)

Lt.Sam McCaw
Inside the Tavern
After Qbed's post

"You fell in love with me!  Well, this throws me
through a loop!" She glared at him a moment, nodded
her head as if deciding something, then kissed him
lightly.  "You're definitely going to need memory
revision. Aw, heck, *I'll* need memory revision.?
she vanished.


Sam held out his arm and closed his hand in the space
where Qbed had been as if he was trying to hold on to
her presence. He allowed a brief look of pain to cross
his face before banishing it and rising purposefully
to his feet. He crossed the room to the scowling
figure of De santos, locals stepping aside at the
sight of his set jaw and clenched, gauntleted fists.

He put one hand firmly on De Santos' shoulder. "My
Lord." Santo turned, Sam's voice remained low, but his
eyes locked with Santos' and remain hard. "You are a
leader, it is your destiny. These are the men you have
and you will lead them. All of them. I remain as ever
by your side, but you must do your  duty and fulfill
your quest." For a precarious moment, it looked like
De Santos had taken offense, that he would strike at
Sam. But he just nodded slowly. "You are wise, let us
proceed." Sam released his hand and De Santos began to
addressed the group. 

Feeling a heroic speech coming from De Santos, Sam
stepped aside. As Santos' speech thundered on, Sam's
mind drifted innexorably towards thoughts of Qbed.
He'd always assumed that she knew how he felt, clearly
he was wrong, maybe he still had a chance... The
moment he though it he was angry with himself. He knew
it was futile, he knew such thoughts just encouraged
further hurt, but he couldn't help himeself. Loving
her was the only way he knew now.

That realisation frightened him.

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