[USS Vanguard] More Complications

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At the Tavern
After ?It?s Getting Mighty Crowded?

Just as he began marching the pair over to his
now-growing party, the door burst open again.

De Santos's eyes went wide. "Soman!"

Sir Soman Drath turned to look at him. "You."

De Santos shoved the thieves out of the way and the
two men drew their swords. What happened next...


The doors to the tavern burst open yet again and Alvon
stormed in.  Although Sam was the only one who
recognized him right away.

?Stop!? Alvon thundered.

Sam wasn?t quite sure if they stopped because of the
order, or if Alvon?s voice had loosened their swords.

?Unbecoming!? Alvon shouted. ?Companions and comrades,
fighting?  This is unworthy of our noble quest and of
the coat of arms you bear!?

Qbed grinned at Sam as she materialized out of
nowhere. ?Exciting, isn?t it?? she asked.

?Lady, for what reason do they quarrel?? Sam asked out
of the corner of his mouth.

?You can speak in a normal voice.  Obviously no one
can see me, or the game would be up.?

?Good.  Why are they fighting??

?Oh, some sort of Knightly thing, I?m sure.  I don?t
really remember.?

He raised an eyebrow.

?Oh, all right.  When they were apprentice knights,
their masters were enemies.  So it rubbed off.  I
thought that it might add some spice to your Quest.?

?Spice?  They?re going to kill each other!?

?Of course they won?t.  What do you think Alvon is

?You got me.?


?Put down your swords,? Alvon roared. ?And continue in
friendship, for we must all join together if we are to
succeed on that which the Lady hath assigned us.?

Soman looked down in dismay as his amulet began to
glow. ?Him?? he asked plaintively.

?Even so,? the Mage assured him, pulling out his own
amulet. ?And I will be joining as well.?

de Santos stared at the amulets, then at the
now-sundry group that had gathered. ?This band?? he
asked in disgust. ?Then we shall surely fail.  Who
hath we?  Warring Knights, mages, witches, and
pickpockets!  Surely to the Lady this is some great
jest, and we unfortunate mortals must join in.?

Sam barely suppressed a sigh.

?Does he always make speeches like that?? Qbed asked.

?Frequently,? Sam said through clenched teeth.

"You were the one who wanted to keep your memories,"
Qbed reminded him.

?What does that have to do with anything??

"If you'd let me erase them, you wouldn't remember
your time, so you wouldn't be feeling like this.  You
wouldn?t know how foolish they?re acting.? She
giggled. ?Dommy will love this when you guys go back.?

?Dommy?? Sam repeated trying to suppress a smile.

She shrugged. ?I?ve noticed that after people get to
feeling close to each other, they give each other pet
names, to show how much they care.  It?s a curious
thought to a Q.  I mean, we?re all named Q.?

?I guess...?

?What, don?t you agree, Sammy??

?Yeah,? he said shortly.

She gave him a quizzical look. "Did I do something to
make you angry with me?"

"No.  I did something to make me angry with me."

"But...you're mad at me.  Believe me, Q get good at
sensing those anger vibes without even glancing at our
powers." She studied his face closely.  Her eyes
widened. "Oh...by the Continuum!" she exclaimed. "You
did it?  You actually did?"

"I admit nothing." It wasn't really an evasion.  Sam
didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

"You fell in love with me!  Well, this throws me
through a loop!" She glared at him a moment, nodded
her head as if deciding something, then kissed him
lightly.  "You're definitely going to need memory
revision. Aw, heck, *I'll* need memory revision.? Then
she vanished.

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