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  • Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 00:26:16 -0800 (PST)

*Desdemona          *
*USS Vanguard       *
*After Home and Away*

After sitting in on the briefing, Desdemona returned
to the lounge to find it empty, sparking clean, and
thoroughly organized.  She frowned.

She went to her quarters, finding them in much the
same state.  She checked the console for any new
messages, hoping for a reply to the communiqué she had
sent to her last contact at DS9.  There were no new
messages.  No old ones, for that matter.  Her frown

She changed out of her simple (for her taste, anyway)
work-dress into a plain white jumpsuit, pulled her
hair into a bun, and washed her face.  She paused in
front of the mirror.

?Alright, kid,? she said to her reflection.  ?Let?s
see if you still got it.?

She made her way to the holodeck, starting at a brisk
walk, but as she saw the corridors were more or less
empty, she increased her speed to an easy jog.  When
she reached the door, she paused to stretch her
muscles and crack her knuckles.

?Computer,? she said, ?Load Klingon Calisthenics
Program One, level three.?

When the program was ready, the doors open to reveal a
swamp shrouded in a dense fog.  From somewhere inside,
a half-howl-half-growl came to her.

?Yeah,? she grinned, ?That?s what I?m talkin? about.?

As the doors slid closed, she was already a shadow in
the fog.


OOC: Just a wee post to put my character somewhere
specific before the fireworks start.

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