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Lt. Qbed
Coba del Rey
Following "Home and Away"

Despite the fact that she considered herself excellent
company, Qbed wanted to talk to the others in the
group.  The only problem there was, if they didn't
like her, if she made a fool of herself, if--if any
infinite number of things, there would be no way to
change it.  She felt a heightened awareness of the
fact that she could change nothing.

It was not a pleasant awareness.

Quetan nudged Qbed, but she just blinked and returned
to staring out the window, watching the stars fly by
as they sped towards their mission.

The mission.

It dawned on Qbed crystal clear.  If she did well on
this mission, maybe she could prove her worth, and
maybe the others would still accept her, even without
powers.  It would still be okay.  She was the first
Q--well, that Starfleet knew about--to join, and she
was going to put up a better showing than her
predecessors had.**

She noticed Droin watching her. "Yes?" she asked.

The doctor looked a little embarrassed. "Never mind."

"All right." Qbed turned to Quetan. "So," she said
with a little smile, "how much longer?  Time to get

**My theory on all those "expendable" red-shirts from
TOS.  The Q didn't want to spend a whole lot of time
in Starfleet, so they arranged...accidents.  You will
remember that Q (John deLancie) showed a marked
preference for red...

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