[USS Vanguard] Heaven and hell in one tiny spaceship

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  • Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 13:05:21 +0000

<Aboard the shuttle>
<After departure>

Kieran sat quietly, slowly absorbing a little more of the history of the 
planet as he went, making little mental cross-references in his head to 
other cultures as he went. There were surprisingly few Matriarchal societies 
in the cultures in the Federation Database, less than 4%, though practically 
every civilisation had had at least one or two in their history. It seemed 
strange, somehow, that they tended to flourish in a time when the diplomacy 
and reason that they managed to display was still not a sufficient defence 
against the physical brutality and conflict of male dominated primitive 
cultures, and yet they failed to rise to eminence once the situation had 
been reversed.

**Perhaps,** he mused, **there truly is some sort of subservient instinct to 
most child-bearing genders.** He was interrupted by a half-caught comment 
from forward, and he looked up as his brain backtracked to recall what had 
been said.


"Yes, Lieutenant." He hadn't been able to place the voice, but no-one else 
was looking at him in the manner of someone expecting a response, so he took 
a guess.

"Talk to me." His eyes flicked sideways to the others to see who was paying 
attention, wondering if this was some sort of a test. He hadn't undergone 
any sort of 'initiation' as yet, which was often the norm in tight-knit 
crews such as this seemed to be, and he had had a horrible suspicion since 
the Captain picked him for the mission that this might be his, one way or 

"What would you have me say?" he asked cautiously. There were a few minor 
matters he wanted to bring up about the mission, but something about the 
Lieutenant's expression told him this was not quite the time for that.

"Well, tell us something about yourself. How many times are you going to 
find yourself stuck in a shuttle with 5 beautiful women?"

Someone chuckled, and he returned his gaze to the PADD as retorts drifted 
across his mind, and suddenly he blurted out without thinking.

"Is this a hypothetical question?"

He couldn't hold his gaze on the PADD much longer, and looked up, the 
sheepish grin still there, but a hint of laughter in his eyes with it, as he 
stared back. True, the lady was a Lieutenant, and a senior officer, but the 
comment didn't seem drastically out of place, and if he was to travel to a 
planet of whipping boys, he didn't need to fall into character just yet.

OFF> Sorry, couldn't resist it. It's about time Kieran's humour came out, 

Ensign Kieran Darkwater
USS Vanguard

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