[USS Vanguard] Twas the night before

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 07:09:57 -0500

From Christopher Jackson

Soman Drath
15 years later

Soman swung himself off the bio-bed; his eyes focused on the readout.  He still 
felt a bit disoriented.  As his head cleared, he found that the surprise he 
felt was going away.  Of course it was 15 years later, he thought to himself. 

Soman: Okay Doc, what happened?

Sherman: Well, let's see, I think you had an accident.

Sherman turned and went about his business, letting Soman stew for a few 
seconds.  He enjoyed giving Soman a little ribbing.  It seemed to be the 
commonality of every medical officer Soman had served with.  Xristha Droin once 
told Soman that he brings it on himself.  She'd said something about him being 
such a "strait man? He hadn't gotten her meaning until Admiral Santos had 
treated him to a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie festival in San Francisco, 
10 years ago.

Soman: Ehem. . .

Sherman: Oh, well, to be perfectly honest, I can't explain why you suddenly 
collapsed in engineering.  You're vitals read normal and brain activity was 
normal. The best thing I can figure is that you were overtaken by a 
subconscious need to come see me.  Hmmm, isn't it getting close to time for 
your annual physical?

Dr. Sherman eyed Soman, running his hand down his white beard, goading him to 
respond.  Soman ignored the doctor's ribbing.  He hopped off the bed.  His legs 
were shaky under him. 

Soman: Well?

Sherman: You?re as fit as a Regulan fangbeast.  Speaking of which, did I ever 
tell you about the time. . .

Just then, the doors to sickbay parted.  

Challis: Captain, you're needed on the ship.  There's a situation in main 
engineering that requires your attention?

Soman: I'd love to hear it Doc, but Challis and I have final checks to perform. 
 If all goes well, I'll see you tonight at the pre-launch party and you can 
tell me there.

Sherman: Of course.  Mustn't forget why we're all here.  I'll see you tonight 

Soman and Challis walked out of sickbay, a little more hurriedly than they'd 
planned.  Soman knew that if the doctor got started on one of his "Did I ever 
tell you about the time." stories, he'd have to write off the entire day.  He 
and Challis traded glances.  She was thing something similar.  They both 
grinned as they entered the turbolift.

Soman: Thanks for the save, Lieutenant. 

Challis: It's the least an Ops officer can do for her Captain.  Something else 
she can do is finish off prep while her captain, who's been under a great deal 
of stress lately, gets some rest.

Soman: I'm fine.  Why, do I look stressed?

Challis: No more than anyone else who?s about to test fly Starfleet's newest, 
most advanced starship.

Soman: To tell you the truth, I'm actually excited.  I mean think of it.  The 
first ship to employ Trans/fold warp drive, based on Zytherian knowledge.  It 
took Federation scientists over 20 years to sort out what the Enterprise D 
brought back.  We?ll be traveling tens of Thousands of light-years in a few 

Soman looked over and saw Challis giving him an indulging smile.

Soman: What?

Challis: Oh nothing sir.  It's just that you're like a child with a new toy.

Soman stiffened his posture at Challis? description.

Soman: not a child . . . a Captain.

Challis: Well, Captain, may I have the honor of shuttling you on your outside 

Soman: By all means.  I wouldn?t want to break the tradition.

=/\= Stratford to Captain Soman.

Soman: Go ahead, Alvon.

=/\= we?ve completed calibration of the quantum oscillation dampeners ahead of 
schedule.  We?re ready to bring the Tran/fold system online.

Soman and Challis stepped out of the turbolift and into the station shuttle bay.

Soman: Acknowledged.  Bring the Trans/fold system online.  I?ll be there 

=/\=Stratford: Yes, sir.  Oh and Captain, in answer to your question from this 
morning, yes, I am having fun.  Stratford out.

Challis ushered him into a shuttle pod and soon they were off.  It was a long 
standing tradition for Captains to inspect their ships before their maiden 
voyages.  Soman felt his heartbeat quicken as the pod approached his ship.  As 
Challis brought them up over the sauser, Soman read off the ship?s markings: NX 
82000, U.S.S. Marathon, and United Federation of Planets.  For Soman, tomorrow 
couldn?t come soon enough.

Kirk: Spock, where the hell is that power you promised me?
Spock: One damn minute, Admiral.

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