[USS Vanguard] Time, Gentlemen, please

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 06:53:49 +0000 (GMT)

Kieran turned over the PADD idly in his hands, awaiting the call into the 
office. The black uniform was still a little snug ? he?d been laid up a long 
time waiting for his leg to heal, and it was taking time to lose the pounds 
again. For the fourth time, he stood up to pace the hall, tapping the handpiece 
gently into his palm behind his back.

Finally, the call came, and he stopped long enough to check his reflection in 
the mirror before responding. The calm, grey eyes were still bright, even if 
the skin around them was a little more worn, but the frown that creased his 
brow was far too frequent, leaving deep creases below the slightly receding 
hair, which was shot with early flashes of grey at the temple.


The first four checkpoints were merely guards seeking signs of illicit weapons 
or materials, but then he had to stop for the bioscan, the retinal print, the 
brainwave analysis and the voiceprint identification before the fifth or sixth 
checks would allow him through. Finally, he reached the point where even the 
guards were not allowed to go. The automated defence system tracked in on him, 
and he could hear the subtle sound of the servo-motors as pulsed phaser cannons 
lined him up.


?Darkwater, Captain Kieran. Passcode: Mephistopholes.? He spoke quietly and 
calmly, though this was only the second time he?d passed through these doors: 
the first had led him back to the Eugenics wars, and had almost cost him his 
leg. The doors once again hissed open, and he managed to mask the limp as he 
advanced into the heart of the private realm.


?Ah, Captain.? A quiet voice greeted him, as the Admiral swung his chair about 
behind the expansive black desk. ?Welcome back to Temporal Affairs.?

"Thank you, Admiral." Kieran nodded his greeting, taking the chair that was 
offered with a wave, and turning his attention to the large wall screen his 
superior indicated.

"Recognise it?" he asked, as a ship appeared on the image. Tapered and flowing, 
it showed few of the classic signs of Federation starship architecture, and 
only a little contribution to other forebears, such as the Romulan Warbird 
series. Yet it was as familiar as his own hand.

"The Vanguard." he confirmed, turning back from the image. It had been five 
years at least since he'd been aboard. A long, hard five years, at that.

"Care to put a time-frame on that?" The Admiral queried, bringing him out of 
his reverie before he could sink too far into it.

"Well, sir, there's no increased superstructure forward, the nacelles show no 
sign of the chroniton accretion modules... I'd have to say it was at least ten 
years ago, before the first major refit." he said, after a few moments study.

"I see your observational skills are as sharp as ever, Captain. Unfortunately, 
this is the one clear image we've managed to get from a neutrino build-up near 
one of our starbases - yesterday morning. Under the circumstances, I'd like you 
to go out there and see what you can make of it." 


 Just something short to add a little spice to the mix.

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