[USS Vanguard] The Quest begins

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Castle Vaughn Guard.

<from Cynan>
(boy): "I want to be a knight sir! I want to be like

de Santos was taken a back. The boy's words were music
to his ears. 
He'd always wanted a prodigy, and quite frankly,
needed a good slave.

de Santos: "Very well, go get cleaned up and wait for
me by my horse! 
Go! Now!"

(boy): "Yes sir!"

Two men, both made of the same stuff, conflicting
souls, brought 
together by a difference in age, like a father and a
son, a teacher and a 
student, a master and a slave...

<start Qbed>

 ?All right, so that was fun--I mean, prithee, good
lords, harken closely unto my words, for the task I
set upon thee is fraught with danger,? Qbed recovered.

 de Santos bowed again. ?Of course, m?lady.?

 ?Forasmuch as my kingdom, um, thou knowest that there
is a great danger loosed upon the world??

 de Santos looked smug.  There was *always* a great
danger loosed upon the world. ?But of course, m?lady.?

 ?I have summoned you to conquer the Dark Lord,? Qbed
improvised, ?but thou shall require companions to slay
the monster.?

 ?Companions?  I have all the companions I need in Sir
Samuel, and my other retainers!?

 ?This is an evil unlike any thou hast ever faced
before, sir Knight.  The gods themselves have declared
it so unto me, and instructed me to edify thee
further.  Wilt thou hear the message of the gods?? She
even managed to say it with a straight face.  She was
so proud of herself.

 ?Of course,? de Santos consented.

 ?Wearest thou the amulet my messangers gave unto

 ?Always, m?lady.?

 ?Thy retainers do the same, the ones who were given
the trinkets??

 ?We obeyed thy command,? de Santos said stiffly.

 ?Knowest thou that the companions thou seekest shall
wear the same.?

 de Santos stared at her. ?Am I to traipse through
village after village, inquiring after these baubles??

 ?Er...no!  That is, I say unto thee, nay.  Forasmuch
as these bibelots were given to us by the gods, their
power is more than for mere recognition.  When thou
meetest a companion, the two amulets will glow, and
each of thy companions will know where to find the
next, and I can guide thee to the first.?

 Sir Samuel was making choking noises, almost as if
trying to hold back laughter.  de Santos gave him a
concerned look. ?Feelest thou aright, Sir Samuel? 
Dost thou require a potion??

 ?He will if he keeps this up,? Qbed muttered.
?Perhaps Sir Samuel is making a mockery of the
seriousness of this mission??

 ?I say unto thee, nay,? he said. ?M?lady.?

 Qbed glared at him, but continued her speech.
?Knowest thou of Alvon, the Mage of the Mountain??

 ?I have a passing familiarity with him, m?lady.?

 [Qbed messes some more with time and space and this
is where Alvon?s post is.  The ?mysterious stranger?
is one of her minions giving him an amulet and messing
with his memory so he?ll accompany de Santos when he
comes.  For everyone else, you?ll have ?magical
amulets,? too, okay?]

 ?Good.  Then hurry to the Mage of the Mountain, for
there starts thy Quest.  And once thou hast collected
thy companions, return to Castle Vaughn Guard, for we
shall speak of this anon.?

Is this sort of ?Quest? okay with everyone?  I figured
we need to get the company is Castle Vaughn Guard
moving, and people who haven?t posted yet can still
easily jump in.  And as the company moves on,
gathering more of the crew, you can write in all sorts
of adventures.  Okay?

[During a poker game with Data, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton.]
Prof. Stephen Hawking: So then I said, "In that frame of reference the 
perihelion of Mercury would have preceded in the opposite direction!"
[Einstein laughs.]

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