[USS Vanguard] Spanish Stallions

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
USS Vanguard; Event Horizon, Bridge.
During "Home & Away" (Alec).

Subject: Spanish Stallions.

[Event Horizon]
"Well guys... and gals" he said nodding to the ladies, "I'd love to join you
all but my shift starts in a few minutes so I will have to take a rain

"Sure" replied Kieran, as Cynan exited the lounge.

Back on the bridge and behind that familiar panel that he knew oh so well,
he surveyed the instruments and confirmed to himself that the correct course
had been plotted and they were well on there way to Earth.

"Do you have any plans, sir?" a voice came from behind him.


"Sorry sir. Do you have any plans once we get to Earth?"

"Oh, no. Just staying out of trouble I should think. Besides. Someone has to
keep an eye-out up here. Can't be letting her fall into anyone's hands now
can we?"

"Ah I thought you might like to visit Spain.."

"Spain?", he said turning in his seat to face the Ensign.

"Yes, Spain. I heard you liked to ride and that is the most certainly the
place to go for that. They have the very best stallions."

"Huh." he replied turning back to his panel. "Maybe I will.. thank you. Do
you have any? Plans that is.."

[To Be Continued...]

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