[USS Vanguard] Sam's Plans

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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 00:49:42 -0000

Lt.Sam McCaw
Onboard the Vanguard
After "Spanish Stallions" an "Home and Away"

    As Cynan walked out of event Horizon Sam stood up from the table and
passed his glass over the bar to Desdemona. "Sorry guys but I have to pack
my stuff for shore leave, so I guess it's a non-starter for me on the
"Just make sure you stay out of trouble Sam, I heard about you offering to
show Ceelak the sights" said Zena  with a knowing look. "My altruism is
always so crudely misinterpreted, I think I may simply stop trying to help
people" said Sam with feigned concern as Desdemona chipped in from behind
the bar "We all know the sort of help you give people Sam!"
"Right then! I'll show you both! I'm going to take him or her to Earth, show
her, or him, the sight's and be an utter sophisticate. You'll see!" Sam
straightened out his wayward uniform and tapped his comm badge.

=^= McCaw to Ceelak, change of plan, we're not going to New Oleans after all
... or Vegas. I'll fill you in when we head down to the planet.

Sam left amidst mild sniggering from Zena and the others,

"He never changes..."

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