[USS Vanguard] Slightly Shady

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  • Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 06:14:29 -0700 (PDT)

Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan
Title: lightly Shady
After: We're Back


She'ra gave Highwaij a quick hug and a smile and
headed for her quarters.  Somehow she knew that
Highwaij was lying about hearing from Cynan but she
smiled to herself to know that she had found such good
friends in such a short while on the Vanguard.  She
wondered what Je'ka had said to Highwaij before they
left but knew that come hell or high water, Highaij
would never tell her.  As she entered her quarters..

She'ra: Computer lights. 

The lights came on and she dropped her bags on the
ground and fell into her bed.  Staring at the roof she
decided to make her life more interesting.  It was a
while still until she had to go back to work so she
decided to have a shower and hed for the mess hall.

As she entered the mess hall she ordered a blood wine
and headed to a nearby empty table. There she sat,
sipping her wine and contemplating what to do next.. 
The table where she sat was dark.  She could see
everyone else but they could hardly see her.  The
scowl on her face gave away everything that was going
on in her head and she hated being this open. Jay was
right, she needed to live. Then she remembered her
promise to them.  She would get intouch with them
regularly. She promised.

She swore as she realized that what seem to be her
third glass of wine was empty. She slammed the glass
down, and slid out from around the table. She then
stumbbled back to her quarters to sleep it off.

Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan


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