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 Lt. Highwaij
 Klingon planet
 After: Dinner

the next day started, with a red sun as it showed itself from the horizon,
Highwaij had packed his bags, the course/training was over.
He walked out the Spartan looking room and headed over to Je'ka's house
where they where allready waiting for him.

"Hi"  Je'ka said not to happy

"Hi, sorry to take you're sister away again" Highwaij replayed

Then She'
ra came out, with her bags, as  she put it on the ground to say goodbye to
Je'ka and Jay
Je'ka looked at Highwaij "Make sure she doesn't get hurt or...."

"Don't worry" Highwaij said

A few moments later they left and walked towards the shuttleport.
Inside the shuttle She'ra looked at him "What did Je'ka say to you" she

"Not mush, he just told me to come back when I wanted" Highwaij said

"Somehow I don't believe you, did you hear anythink from Cyan" She'ra said
as she said down in her chair

" A little, he has been spotted, he was in a fight, looks like he;s almost
back again" Highwaij said

"Thank you" She'ra said as the shuttle took of.

A few hours later they arrived back at the Vanguard,

Lt. Highwaij
Communications Officer
USS Vanguard

> She'ra: Guys, I have to go back with Highwaij.
> All head snapped up to look at her.  She'ra forced a
> smiled even though it hurt to do so.
> Je'ka: You  can't leave. You just go here!
> She'ra: I know. But I just came here to see you guys
> for a quick hello then...
> Jay: This is... fine.. If you have to go go. But don't
> forget to write like you did the first time.
> Highwaij: It was her decision Jay. Not mine.
> Jay looked at highwaij as though he forgot that he had
> telepathic abilities.
> Jay: I know and I'm sorry.
> She'ra: I promise i won't forget to write, now can we
> finish our dinner without a fight?
> Je'ka smiled.
> Je'ka: Very well sister.
> For the rest of dinner, Je'ka told embarrassing
> stories about She'ra. Stories about her falling the
> first time she tried rock climbing. About problems at
> school with bullies. About everything.
> She'ra: oh Je'ka you're dead!
> Je'ka: No I'm not. You would never kill me
> Jay: How can you be so sure?
> Highwaij: She loves him too much..
> They all burst out laughing.
> Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan
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