[USS Vanguard] Recovery Time

  • From: "Kieran Darkwater" <kdarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 07:17:12 +0000

Kieran picked himself up from the floor, slowly, eyes cast at his feet, and 
began to make his way slowly back to his room, silently berating himself for 
his performance in the lounge. Time and again this lurking demon came back 
to haunt him: he had despaired of the Academy debate team, but had been 
unable to bring himself to join them for fear of having to lead the argument 
to an audience; he had even deliberately answered questions wrongly on his 
last assignments so as not to come top of his class, so he didn't have to 
make the valdictorian speeches.

Back at his room he lay down on the bed, the lights dimmed, still in his 
uniform, and tried to find sleep, but his own inner voice kept shouting at 
him, riling him, aggravating all vestiges of rest away, and he sat up again 
with a grimace, grasping the edge of the bed.

It was a moment to change out of his uniform and into the sweatsuit, 
grasping his practice bag and heading down to the gym. Once their, finding 
himself a suitably large space, he warmed up and began the simple exercises 
of a Tai Chi form, moving on through his repertoire into aikido, jujitsu, 
Andorian boxing, kendo, Bajoran fencing and finishing with the Vulcan form 
of T'sor Shar.

Looking up at the chronometer, sweat dripping from his face, he realised 
he'd been there for almost three hours, and the leaden feeling in his arms 
and legs told him that if he tried now, sleep would likely welcome him. It 
was a long walk back to his quarters, but the shower was blissful, the 
gentle stretch to prevent muscle tightening was comforting, and his bed was 
warm, soft and....


Lt (jg) Kieran Darkwater
A&A Officer
USS Vanguard

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