[USS Vanguard] RPG: Reunification II

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USS Thespiae
Sol System

"Just what a year could bring," Craig's thoughts were echoed in Ceelak's
mind as she watched the crew together again. It wasn't the same, of course,
but it was close enough, as the old earth saying went, for government work.

The hand in hers was Craig's and that definitely felt right. As she stood
there, content, she looked at the others. Humans were an unusal species, to
be sure. This inability to change sexes had been very vexing for Ceelak at
first. She'd felt they were - well- boring. They were always the same.

However, as time went past, she came to realize that humans were never
boring, one in particular. What she hadn't told Nick was there just happened
to be a perfectly good reason for her to remain in female form - that was
because the person holding her hand was a man. Why change when something
seemed so perfect?

Her thoughts abruptly came back to the present when she realized the
atmosphere had changed. You could never turn your back on humans - never.
Craig pulled her closer and she leaned in against him, surprised to see
tears on Nick's face.

"Well that did it," she thought to herself as tears slid down her cheeks,
too. Tears of happiness. That was one of the disadvantages of the female
form - this tendency to be emotional. She resisted the urge to wipe her nose
on his sleeve. Instead she looked up at him and winked.

OOC if someone could tell me what department I'm in, I'd be so pleased.
She's changed, not only sex so much, but departments as well, that I'm not
sure which is the latest.

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