[USS Vanguard] Reunions

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 20:05:59 +0000

USS Thesipiae
Sol System

The reunion of crew of the Vanguard was a sight to warm any heart, but Sam 
McCaw felt it particularly deeply. The Vanguard and her crew had been perfect 
for him, and without the easygoing liberalism of Nick Santos'  command, 
Starfleet's rule's and regulations were beginning to chafe. Sam forced his way 
though the throng and grabbed Nick's hand to shake it firmly. He looked into 
Santos' puffy eyes and hoped for a sign. 


That seemed to about cover it, so Sam released his grip and passed his old 
captain on to the next officer waiting in line for a moment with their totem. 
Sam noticed Ceelak and the newly promoted Kent Kavan holding hands and ruefully 
wished for someone he could take such emotional shelter in. Spotting Zena he 
immediately felt guilty about  his moment of self-pity and crossed to room to 
place a hand on her shoulder. Zena had been Sam's departmental chief when he 
joined the Astoria as his second ever commission and although they had never 
been bosom buddies he felt for her the general protectiveness that naturally 
stems from long acquaintance. She looked up at him with a weary smile that 
quietly said she was hoping sthere was a plan. 

"Here we go again."

ooc: Apologies for the brevity - must learn to write again!

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