[USS Vanguard] RPG: Reunification II

  • From: Kent Kavan <tonykavan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 20:02:54 -0700 (PDT)

USS Thespiae
  Sol System
  Thespiae had just left Earth orbit and was driving hard for deep space.  
They'd go to warp past Mars then activate the cloaking device.  Craig wanted 
everyone who was watching to see the Thespiae leaving Earth headed the wrong 
direction.  After they were dark Craig would reverse course and make for the 
worm hole.  There, things would get tricky.  They'd have to wait for another 
ship to cross into the worm hole and then jump in after them so they could get 
through undetected.
  That was days away though, Craig had decided to jump off that bridge when 
they got to it.
  "Captain, we're past Mars and green across the board."  Ensign Hanson at the 
helm sounded excited.
  "Very well, take us to warp seven."  
  "Warp seven aye."
  The stars on the viewscreen turned into streaks as the ship moved past the 
speed of light and accelerated to warp seven.
  Craig looked to the tactical station.  "Ensign Val, activate the cloaking 
  "Aye sir."
  The bright overhead lights switched off and were immediately replaced by the 
subdued emergency style lighting that provided enough light to work but kept 
the radiated energy to an absolute minimum, casting the ship into a virtual 
  Craig left the bridge in the care of his XO and headed to the aft meeting 
room.  He found himself somewhat nervous, he was about to be reunited with a 
family that he'd left behind over a year ago so he should have been happy.  
Instead he wanted to turn around and go back to his bridge.  Maybe it was 
seeing the Nick Santos that he so deeply respected, now seem so broken and 
lost.  Maybe it was seeing Zena and Jaav so at each others throats, maybe not 
openly, but the tension was there.  He was in their wedding for god's sake, and 
now they could barely tolerate each other!  Craig sighed as he neared the 
conference room and paused outside the door.  He was suddenly struck by the 
fact that he was the Captain of the ship they were all on and was responsible 
for their safety, well-being, and even their morale.  He was amazed at what 
just a year could bring.
  The door swished open and he stepped through.  Zena gave him a bright smile, 
Jaav grinned as he entered the room, Kieran was locked in a deep conversation 
with a woman he didn't recognize but assumed was the security specialist that 
Admiral Roth promised him...  As Craig stepped further into the room he was 
surrounded by friends, handshakes, hugs, more than one congratulations on his 
promotion...  He was overcome by affection for the people in the room and he 
felt the smile on his face...
  Then Nick and Ceelak came in.  Ceelak came and stood next to him and he gave 
her hand a squeeze.  It seemed natural and he wasn't the least bit self 
concious.  Abruptly his smile faded as he realized that Nick was crying and a 
wave of emotion crashed over him.  He pulled Ceelak close to him and realized 
that there wasn't a dry eye in the room.  Nick was their Captain and it seemed 
right to have him back among them.
  Lt. Cmdr. Craig Kavan
  USS Thespiae
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