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Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard - Bridge / Transporterroom One
During / Following "I Am  Four O'Clock"

Highwaij stood on the bridge as the Vanguard approached the Tomonaga
he had been studying the communication logs that where send to the
Tomonaga,he had also been studying the
ships commnuications systems it was strange according to the knowledge he
had the messages should have been reciefed bye either a crewmember of the
ships computer.

>"We're in range" Highwaij said as he looked up
>"On screen, narrow view and 100 real." Santos ordered
> The Tomonaga appeared on the screen, focused in the center with no
> "All senior officers report to Transporter Room One. Prepare your
> hazard suits and have your emergency kits ready."
> Soman watched as Mandrake, D'Angelo, Quetan and Highwaij left the
> bridge, to be replaced by their substitutes.

Highwaij wlaked to the transporterroom, but foirst entered the room opposite
on it, where he put on his hazard suits, he put on a wrist torche, took some
of the granades, a hand phaser, a tricorder an emergency kit and some
equipment he might needed to check the system of open it, some of the
equipment, was on his side some around his belt and some on his back.
he grapped his helmet on his arm and left the preparation room and walked
into Transporterroom one.

he looked around where some of the other members of the awayteams where
already waiting. Highwaij walked to Zena "Ready to go" he said

Lt. Highwaij
Communications Officer
USS Vanguard

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