[USS Vanguard] The mission afoot

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Rank : LtJG Connor Vogel

Place: All over

OOC: So very sorry for the long absence.

And a very warm welcome to all new players?

I have to read about 127 posts so don?t hold it against me if I didn?t get
it all right, I?ll try to post a short story referring to all posts I read
that mentioned me and then pick up the total story?..

Following The post ?A new Place to crash? by Jazz Falcon

Ooc: I know you mentioned a security officer and not Connor in person, but
hey I need to know of all the weird people on this ship right?

Quote ?Jazz walked out of the shuttle and looked around. "Home sweet home,"
she mumbled. She slung her duffle bag over her shoulders as a security
officer walked up to her. ?End Quote

Connor: You must be Jazz Falcon?

Quote ?The officer had asked this as though Jazz had done something to
offend him. She ignored his look and turned away from him then in a happy
tone she answered his question.

Jazz: Yuppers.

That seemed to agitate him as the security officer eyed her warily then
motioned for her to follow him. ?End Quote

Connor thought to himself, the crew of these starships get stranger with
each new assignment. He appeared agitated, why did this strange woman get
him off balance so easily, maybe it was her stunning appearance. She was
attractive that much is sure.

Connor showed her to her quarters as he was ordered.

Following the Post Let?s meet some crewmembers by Denville d'Angelo

Quote ? The moment the blue haired female entered the room Deville stares at
her. Connor pokes his arm in the chest of Denville. "Thanks", whispers
Denville. They just met recently but somehow these two men could get alone
with each other.

"Aliyah, I want you to meet Denville d'Angelo our chief tactical

officer." says Vogel to the blue haired women.

Aliyah stands up, "Pleased to meet you. I am Aliyah-Amores Lopez-

Fitzgerald, the JAG officer on the Vanguard."

"Aliyah was the tactical officer on the USS Birmingham", says Vogel.

"The pleasure is al mine", replies Denville and says before realizing

what he says, "I like your hair."

Other senior staff enters the briefing chamber, and the conversation

between Denville and Aliyah ends abruptly. Before Denville could

embarrass himself more, he sits down and waits for the captain. ? End Quote

Connor thought to himself?..What a moron a man can become round a beautiful
women, then he thought back to his encounter with Jazz Falcon and wondered
if he had made just as big of an ass of himself as Denville was going too.

Location : Briefing Room, during the briefing of the captain

Connor listened to all the crew discussing the mission and thought of all
security risks this would bring, the entire senior staff on an away mission,
this was so against star fleet regulations, and he loved it.

During the post Collecting Data by Denville (Eric)

Quote ?"What do you mean special abilities of the Vanguard?", asks Connor

with a surprised face.? End Quote

The moment he said that Connor thought what a fool he just made of himself,
now the entire senior staff would know about is lack of technical knowledge,
he was a great security officer and weapons and shielding was a breeze to
him, but anything else, hocus pocus, he dam near failed his Quantum
mechanics class in the academy, now they would all know, and worse think
that he didn?t prepare himself for this mission.

Following the post Dig Deeper by Soman.

Connor thought to himself, Yep the damage was done, they all think I?m some
big dumb powerhouse, now they even gave him a tutor in Zena who was to teach
him the special abilities of the vanguard, this was so embarrassing

Following and During the post Confessions by Jazz and Aliyah

The moment the vanguard had approached the tomonaga Connor had been in the
transporter room, preparing all weaponry and hazard suits for all the other
officers. He took his job seriously, and he had to show them that he wasn?t
just a stupid powerhouse. At that moment the first of the away team members
where walking in, it Aliyah and Jazz. It was her again, he swore to himself
not to get off balance again, but the two ladies didn?t even notice him,
they had what seemed a pleasant conversation between them, he wanted to say
hi, but at that moment the rest of the officers started poring in and the
mission seemed a foot??.

Connor loved it; this was the stuff he lived for?

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