[USS Vanguard] RPG: Just Another Day

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Cadet Dominic Santos
Earth - Starfleet Academy
After "All the people on the floor"

Cadet Dominic Santos approached Cadet Highwaij. Santos had only met Highwaij 
once. They had had a night class together in linguistics, and Highwaij had been 
a standout, easily mastering the many languages introduced to them.

But somehow, Santos sensed that he had known Highwaij longer than that, that 
Highwaij had played a crucial role in more than one mission. (What missions?)

"Does the name 'Vanguard' mean anything to you?" Santos asked Highwaij.

Highwaij looked at Santos and shook his head slowly, but Santos noticed that 
Highwaij had gone from a wariness of him, Santos, to an uncertainty.

"How about the 'Astoria'? Does that mean anything to you?"

"You're...Dominic Santos, is that right?" Highwaij asked.

Santos nodded. "But my friends call me Nick."

"Am I your friend?" Highwaij asked.

Without even thinking about it, Santos replied, "You're more than a friend. 
You're one of the most trusted members of my crew."

Highwaij nodded. "Lately, at night, when I dream, I dream about a gigantic 
ship. In the shape of a pyramid. Does that make any sense to you?"

"Yes," Santos said. "Come on. There are some people we need to see."

Santos and Highwaij hurried out of the library and walked toward the quad. 
Santos made a line for the student quarters where Zena Quetan stayed with a few 
other students.

"There's Zena and Sam. But I don't recognize the other cadets with them."

"Looks like Jaav, Xristha and Cynan," Santos said, squinting. "Come on."

Santos and Highwaij broke into a jog toward the Decker Science Building. As 
they approached the James T. Kirk Memorial, Santos held up his hand and waved 
to Zena.

He put his hand down when he noticed Zena's reaction. Her eyes went wide and 
she frantically waved at something behind Santos and Highwaij.

Santos heard someone (a young girl?) yell "Stop right there!" He turned.

There, coming through the grove of palm trees, was a giant, 60-foot tall robot.

Its eyes were flashing red and its mechanical voice screeched "Destroy! 
Destroy! Destroy!"
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