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Cadet Highwaij
Earth - Starfleet Academy
After "Just another day"


Santos heard someone (a young girl?) yell "Stop right there!" He turned.

There, coming through the grove of palm trees, was a giant, 60-foot tall 

Its eyes were flashing red and its mechanical voice screeched "Destroy! 
Destroy! Destroy!"


"What is going on"Highwaij said as he heared the robat screech "Destroy! 
Destroy! Destroy!"
together with Santos he jumped away

"He Santos, I see a few faces I've seen before, but I don't recall 
where"Highwaij yelled

"And another question, I know my cader uniform is red, but I'm no ensign 
redshirt so what does that robot want ? "
Highwaij said as he felt weird
All those faces he had seen before but didn't recall, an cadet named Santos 
whom knew him, whom could place him on a starship,
Santos knew about the pyramid ship he had seen in his dream, he asked about 
the Vanguard and the Astoria, what ever they where.
"He Nick you said I was one of you're crew mebers even trusted, you should 
talk to a few of my professers, they don't trust me at all"Highwaij said 
remembering a few jokes he had pulled on them.

Highwaij looked at the robot as he search his pokets, perhaps he had 
something that could help them.

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