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  • Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 17:36:23 -0600

Author: Cadet Xristha Droin
Position: Cadet ? Medical Track
Setting: Academy



"Come on!"  Xristha said gesturing with her hand, "Let's go find them." 
Xristha moved off in a light sprint and Jaav followed just as soon as his 
stomach had settled.  In their haste they clipped the edges of one of the 
new flowerbeds, complete oblivious to the elderly man kneeling down in his 
dungarees by the side of them.

"Don't you kids ever watch where you're going?" was all Boothby shouted back 
at them, lightly shaking his fist before shaking his head and smiling.

<end snip>

The two made their way to the student quarters searching for the friends 
that seemed to be more than memories and dreams. The sun was waning further 
down the horizon with illumination beginning in manmade streetlights.

As the two approached the dormitories a figure stood in the near shadows. A 
vivid memory shot through Xristha?s mind. She made her way carefully and 
stood behind the cadet. Xristha?s hand gingerly outstretched and touched his 

The figure turned and a smile crept across her lips. She ran her delicate 
surgeon?s hands down the familiar stranger?s jaw line. ?I know you.? She 

?Xristha?? Cynan asked.

The medical student nodded once carefully, ?And Jaav.?

Even without Qbed?s meddling of the physician?s free will it would have been 
hard to guess if Xristha?s emotions were real or contrived. The memories of 
the recent disaster faded away as Cynan cocked a half smile.

Her reunion was cut short as Jaav pointed into the direction noting they had 
company. The other crew members were in the distance. Xristha watched as 
Zena pointed. She followed the direction of her motioning and was met by the 
mechanical behemoth.

?What is that?? Xristha said, reaching for her communicator badge to call 
security. Her fingers ran across plain clothing. She wasn?t on a ship. She 
shook her head to return to ?reality.?

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