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OoC: Would just like to say a big sorry to everyone for being out of the loop 
for a while. I'm hopefully going to manage to catch up with a few things here! 

Counselor Jaav E'thexx 
Location: Counselor's Office 
Time: After "The Lost Soul" [Cynan Mandrake - 15/05/02] 

Jaav E'thexx and Cynan Mandrake had sat in complete silence for at least four 
minutes. As a Counselor, Jaav always preferred to allow the patient to begin 
the session. Perceptively, Jaav understood that with each passing second, Cynan 
was getting that little bit closer to explaining why he had dropped in 

Cyanan shuffled in his seat, Jaav said nothing, he moved over to the 
replicator, not wanting to interrupt the silence he used the LCARS panel to 
manually request a cup of hot Jamaican coffee. Cynan had seemed under a great 
deal of stress when he entered the room, the quiet and relaxed environment was 
intended to allow him to calm down. The tone of his first few words made it 
clear that this was not the case. 

Mandrake: I'm not even supposed to be here! 

Jaav plaecd the coffee cup on the saucer upon the low table nearest his coach. 

E'thexx: As I said before Cynan, it's not a problem if you feel the need for an 
unscheduled appointment. 

Mandrake gave a grunt of dissaproval. 

Mandrake: I meant, I'm not supposed to be aboard the Vanguard. I'm supposed to 
catch the next transport from here to Albion prime. 

E'thexx: Captain Santos and Commander Soman gave me the impression you had 
already left. 

There was hesitation, Jaav had been keeping a close eye on Cynan, he knew he 
had not left, the transporter and shuttle logs told him that much. Jaav was 
hoping to encourage Cynan to reveal why he had decided to stay, at least for a 
short while. 

Cyanan glanced about the office, it was apparent that he was beginning to feel 
enclosed, trapped and under pressure despite Jaav's best efforts. 

E'thexx: We can continue this another time if you'd pref... 

Cynan became more forthcoming, blurting out his response. 

Mandrake: I didn't want to leave without talking to She'ra first. 

Jaav let out an internal sigh of relief, he had an opportunity to help Cynan, 
now he had chosen to open up about his concerns. 

E'thexx: Have you already tried talking to her? 

Mandrake: Yes, once, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. She'ra was waiting 
for me, in the holodeck, I turned back and left just as I was about to reach 

Jaav resisted the urge to pick up his PADD and begin making notes. In some 
situations he believed it distracted the client, which made the process more 
clinical and sterile, this was perhaps one of them. 

E'thexx: Why did you turn back? 

Mandrake: I'm not sure, it just didn't feel right. I had this uncontrollable 
urge to run away from her, to get away from this whole situation, in some ways 
I was scared she wouldn't want me. 

Jaav hesitated nefore making a response, he constructed his advice carefully. 

E'thexx: It seems that you're perhaps having issues with your sense of self 
validation and self worth. You're scared that She'ra won't accept you, and what 
you've been through, because you don't yet accept yourself Cynan. I might be 
wrong but I don't really think it's She'ra you are trying to run away from. She 
reminds you of the way you were before you were partially assimilated. You need 
to first resolve the conflicts inside yourself. 

Jaav stopped, and looked at Cynan, waiting for a response. Jaav was unsure what 
the reaction might be to his 'summary', sometimes Cynan could be unpredictable. 
Cynan stood quietly, he straightened out his uniform and looked Jaav E'thexx in 
the eye. 

Mandrake: Thank you Counselor. 

With that, Cynan Mandrake left. He was an enigma, Jaav wondered if his advice 
had helped. 


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