[USS Vanguard] Plot is thicker than water!

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 20:57:21 +0100 (BST)

There it was.

In all it?s glory, like some antiquated pirate?s buried treasure, a bulky 
masonry contraption with ornate scrollwork and decorative friezes. At some 
point, it was apparent, it had actually been part of a larger construction, and 
fine marks still showed where it had been excavated from a building of some 
sort with fine chiselling.


It was good work, though the styling showed it had been done far, far later 
than the stories would have it. Some of the artwork was reminiscent of 
Michaelangelo and Raphael ? Kieran couldn?t help but think of the incredible 
Raphael Stanzas in the Vatican galleries. Some of the decoration, however, was 
older. The style was similar, not the same, but not so obvious as to stand out, 
a testament to the skill of whomever had had it renovated. It wasn?t the style 
that made it stand out, nor the materials, but simply the one thing that could 
not be falsified: the wear.

"Quiet" said Kieran still studying the markings on the chest like object. "I 
think this will..."

Trailing his hands gently over the small wooden panels set into the front 
surface beneath the ornate lock-piece, he felt a small inset gemstone shift 
slightly beneath his fingers, and when it didn?t react to being pressed he 
twisted it.

A small pommel on the chest gave off what seemed to be a small illumination and 
then depressed into the chests stone side. As the three peered closer, the top 
pulsed, not once, nor twice, but three times. On the third pulse the whole room 
flashed with a brilliant white light, and then they were gone.


"Where are we?", Cynan asked.

"It appears to be the arboretum of the Vanguard...", Kieran answered taking 
several steps forward looking around curiously.

"No way! That was way cool", Sam said about the experience they'd just been 

"Like to do it again?", Cynan smiled looking toward Sam.

"Most definitely", Sam replied.

"Gentleman. I believe there are..."

"Children", Cynan said as five 5 - 8 year olds ran out from behind the (heavily 
overgrown) bushes towards them.

"No way!", Sam said again.

"The question is, who's are they, and is this really the arboretum off the 
Vanguard?", Cynan said looking around.

"No. The question is are we really here and if we are, what time, or are we 
still really in the cavern?"


?No,? Kieran corrected them, though it didn?t appear they were listening 
amongst the gaggle of children, ?the question is: where is the Ark??

[Snip, + extra detail]

In the strange over-grown arboretum,  the children rushed around the feet of 
the three Vanguard officers; they were shouting and laughing. With a nauseating 
perceptual twist the world around Cyann, Kieran and Sam seemed to slow right 
down and blur. The scene shifted with the sound of a record needle being 
dragged sideways across vinyl. Kieran felt his eyes trail helplessly, the 
confusing morass of images and the strange inertias combining to leave his 
stomach churning as they settled, finally.

      They were alone, in a dark dusty cave, at the cave opening were two 
strangely dressed men who Kieran recognised as coming from ancient earth 
history. Looking straight past the Vanguard officers they strained to push a 
large boulder across the cave entrance. Kieran edged forward, his jaw opening 
slightly as he opened his tricorder slowly, reluctant to disturb the action. 
The features were classically tanned middle-easterners, speaking in a hushed 
gabble of Greek and Aramaic ? two languages Kieran could read but not speak. A 
few words began to work through as he settled into the words, but before he 
could make any sense of the it, the scene shifted again.

     Above the busy streets of Cairo on a roof terrace an attractive young 
woman played with a small monkey, again seemingly oblivious to the presence of 
three confused men in Starfleet uniforms. Beside her a thick set Egyptian man 
with a black beard and bushy eyebrows finished his sentence "...be careful 
Indy, some things are not meant to be found". Again the sickening twisting 
sensation comes and goes.

     In a dusty warehouse lined with row after row of boxes, one particular 
crate is enveloped in the shimmering blue light of a transporter beam and 
vanishes. This time the men anticipate the shift, which takes them to a tunnel 
that they have just passed through. It is swarming with Cardassians working to 
rescue their fellows from a massive cave in. The scene shifts a final time, 
leaving Darkwater, Mandrake and McCaw in a turbolift feeling dizzy and 
disoriented. The Egyptian man's voice echoes in their ears, "some things are 
not meant to be found".

At that moment, Cynan Mandrake, Sam McCaw, and Kieran Darkwater emerged on the 

"What the hell is going on?" Mandrake asked.

Santos cocked an eyebrow. "Didn't expect to see you three so soon."

"We'll fill you in later. What's this about a New Vanguard?"

 Zena Quetan said: "We appear to have crossed some sort of temporal threshold. 
Best we can tell, we are approximately a century from our last temporal 
coordinates. The inhabitants of the planet below claim to be our descendants."

?Temporal Threshold?? Kieran muttered into his tricorder, trying to make sense 
of the garbled information it was returning. ?You and me both??

McCaw nodded. "We just emerged from a Cardassian-held planet into the 
arboretum. There were children. The plant life appeared overgrown. Then it 
disappeared and now, here we are."

 Santos frowned. "And the Ark?"

"Yes, but later," Darkwater said, some of the information beginning to make a 
little more sense, though not much. He turned away to the science stations at 
the back of the bridge and slowly, cautiously, began to work.

Most of the others had already ventured to the surface when he finally sat up, 
his perpetual frown furrowed a little deeper than usual as he grabbed up the 
tricorder from its interface panel and slipped off the bridge on his way to the 

When he materialized on the planet, the clearing was abandoned, skirted around 
the edge by several obvious paths, none of which interested him. The view of 
the dislocated section of salvaged ship would have been incongruous, once, but 
the fast-growing vegetation had turned the jutting structure into a sort of 
gazebo, hung over with fronds and ivy-like climbers. He approached slowly, the 
tricorder sweeping the area continuously, the information gradually converging 
towards a confirmation of his hypthesis.

?I think you?d better come with me.? Said  a quiet voice behind him, and he 
turned into the wrong end of a worn, weathered, standard-issue phaser. ?It 
would be a shame-sorrow to have to stun-kill you.? The voice warned, and he 
looked beyond the weapon to the slim young woman behind it, dressed in a stark, 
black uniform with a high, wrap-over tunic that seemed to button right up along 
her right-hand side.

?I should have guessed I wouldn?t get the ?tri-honoured? invitation.? He 
muttered, his hands rising slightly to show his peaceful intentions.

?Please turn off the tricorder, everything you need to know will be explained 
to you soon enough.?

?Really? and if I refuse.?

?You won?t.? This time there was the vaguest hint of a grin ? a hopeful sign, 
despite the businesslike manner in which the phaser completely failed to waver 
at all.

?You seem awfully confident.? He observed, even as he reached over and pressed 
a few buttons on the tricorder.

?I am. I have been told, and the one I was told by would not lie.?

?He might be wrong.?

?They might. They might have told me that you would attempt to deceive me by 
depressing the power-cell test button and leaving the tricorder turned on?? His 
eyes narrowed, and he turned the tricorder towards her, his finger still on the 
power-cell test indicator.

?Your source appears remarkably well-informed.?

?His words were ? ?I know him better than he knows himself??.? The smile 
returned again, in full, and the phaser finally lowered as he replaced his 
tricorder in the strap at the back of his waist.

?Thank you. This way.?

?Where are we going??

?To the Temple of New Vanguard.?

?A temple? What idiot built a temple in this day and age??

?You did.?

[TBC J ]
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