[USS Vanguard] Wheels within Wheels

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All of a sudden Shar found himself standing alone when he heard his voice
again... "I'm through-past here. Are ready-you?"


Shar shook his head slightly. How was this possible? He definitely was not
telepathic. This could be a trap. Then again, why bother? They had him
prettymuch isolated anyway, so there wouldn't be any real point.

His alternate.. well.. future.. self gave him quick directions, and Shar
made his way to a small house, not huge, but comfortable. Even from the
outside of the house, he could see that while it wasn't ornate, it was very
well taken care of. As he approached, a small girl, looking to be about 10
years old, with pointed, yet rounded, ears and deep black eyes came out of
the house and ran upto him. "Hello Mr. Shar! I'm T'Rilka," She opened her
arms and hugged him briefly. "We've been waiting for you! Father says to
come in, he's up in his study. Would you like anything to drink or eat?"

Shar looked at her for a long moment, wheels churning in his head 'Father?
I'm her father? Then who's her mother?'

"Uhm.. yes, actually.. I'll have something to eat, if you wouldn't mind," he
said, deciding it was best to leave that discussion to... well, himself.

"Alright. Father says to meet-see him in the study, and I'll bring you up
some food," She skipped off into the house, and Shar made his way up a
staircase to find... himself. Sitting behind a desk, in a room that
resembled an armoury rather than a study. Various weapons from different
eras were displayed on the wall, most looking like they hadn't been used in
centuries. He noticed several that he knew were hanging in his quarters
right now, and many more that seemed to be newer to him, but had also been
there for quite some time already. Included on the wall was at least one
example of every type of weapondry found in the armoury onboard the

"They still work. I keep them in as good a condition as I can. Of course,
without power cells to recharge them, they're about as harmless as a tree-br
anch," The older Shar said, staring straight at Shar. T'Rilka came into the
room, carrying a large platter of food, and some kind of purplish drink in a
container. She placed the food on the desk and smiled widely at her fathers.
Once she was gone, the older Shar continued. "You have questions... some I
can answer, and some I can't. I suppose I'll start at the top of the list,
eh?" He smiled impishly. "T'Rilka is my fourth child, second of my second
wife. The first wife was April Kent, a human. I lived with her for almost 50
years before she passed away. The second wife, I took ten years after Aprils
death, and her name was Janice Hase. A Betazoid/Human hybrid. She's the one
who taught me... to unleash my mental power. Of course, its only useful to
yourself, and to my offspring. She's taken our older daughter T'Lik out
hunting for a few days. My will she be pissed when she realizes that she
missed your arrival. She's expected back soon though, so she'll be in time
for the banquet though," The older Shar took a sip of his drink and sat
back, a frown appearing on his face. "Now, to get to the point of why your
here...your in danger. All of you. More than you realize. And I need to see
Captain Santos as soon as possible, to explain the situation to him
directly. However, I shall give you the information first, as I can tell
your wary now,"

Shar stared for a long time at this older version of himself, talking to him
as though it were completely normal. "What do you mean we're in danger. From

    "Us. Or yourselves, in a way. You may not see it thus far, but there is
a conflict that is on the edge of expolding into violence. And if you and
your crew are still here when that happens, you will be caught in the middle
of it,"
T'Rilka came into the room, carrying a large platter of food, and some kind
of purplish drink in a container. She placed the food on the desk and smiled
widely at her fathers. Once she was gone, the older Shar continued.
    "There are two factions emerging. The conflict has been long in the
making, but until now it never seemed like it would burst into open warfare.
This society has lived in peace and harmony for generations. Its about to
end, messily, I expect," The older Shar went on to explain the situation to
his younger self, taking about ten minutes to do so. By the time he was
finished, Shar was worried.

    "Alright... lets find the Captain. He has to know about this right now,"
Shar's hand drifted towards his commbadge. Before he could see what had
happened, his future self had stepped out from behind the desk and grabbed
his hand.

    "NO! We can't risk anyone overhearing and placing everyone already down
here in even more danger. Call the Vanguard... have them take us up, and
I'll talk to Santos there. Nobody'll notice if I'm gone for awhile. T'Rilka
already knows where I'll be. Besides... I can help you unpack your things
while we wait..."

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