[USS Vanguard] Out of the Darkness

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 18:28:56 -0500

I have been absent for quite some time and I apologize. Let me see if I can 
do an abridged version of Droin's time in the Nexus as talking to Kye.


"Nothing." He said. "It's just that you called me Del..." She
smiled. "Something wrong with that?" She said, turning back to
her scans. He shook his head. "Nope. Nothing at all."

He walked over and sat across from her. "So, what did you see in
the Nexus?" He asked, knowing whatever it was would reveal
something about her.

She stopped, set down her PADD and began to think. They sat
there for a moment, both silent. Then Dellan broke it. "You
don't have to tell me if you don't want to...I just wanted to
know...." He said, looking down.
<end snip>

Xristha smiled. Dellan could tell it was a fake. "What did I see in the 

Dellan nodded.

The Bandi doctor took a deep breath and began to tell her story. "I was 
alone." She looked at the JAG Officer. "For the first time in my life, I was 

Her fake smile faded. Her white hair was a stark contrast to the red her 
cheeks began to develop.

Dellan listened carefully.

"I had no voices in my mind." She closed her eyes slowly, flashing back to 
the psychic world.

"I tried hard to search out others, but my mind was closed." She shook her 
head, reliving the pain. "I felt naked and alone."

The Nexus called to her. Her mind was bare from other projections. She had 
always lived her life with someone in her mind. Bandi were able to read the 
minds of lower life forms. She could easily determine what the needs of her 
household pets were. In the Nexus, there was only a dark voice. Almost a 
void, a void that caused pain. She repeatedly attempted to shield her mind, 
but the nothingness persisted. She reached out to anything...her mind 
stretched. She felt nothing. The darkness engulfed her, tearing at her bare 
body with its harsh void.

She opened her eyes, Dellan was still watching her, following her every 
word. Her arms burst out in goose bumps, a chill ran up her spine.

She shook off the vertigo and smiled. Her smile was more reassuring this 

"You are out of the Nexus." Dellan put a hand on top of hers.

She nodded. "I hypothesize that my Bandi abilities caused a reaction to the 
psychic waves of the Nexus."

He seemed to agree. "I am glad it is over." Droin added.


Short, but fun. So, what's our next mission? =)

Xristha Droin

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