[USS Vanguard] RPG:The dream continues...

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  • Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 15:23:48 +0200

Rank:  LtJG Denville d'Angelo
Place: USS Vanguard
Time:  23:20 hours
Denville hits his communicator, "YES!"
"Denville?" a few seconds silence, "Sorry to have interrupted
you sir, but the away team is back. I wondered if you want to
debrief them now?". Denville recognizes the voice, ensign
Bakker [NPC], "Ensign I will debrief them after I have slept.
Denville out". Without worrying about his impolite act, Deville
turns on his side and tries to sleep again.

Tranquility. Total Darkness. Denville hovers in the black void.

"Denville, walk on. The herbs must be harvested before noon",
the mage turns and spurs his horse. Denville now carrying a
spear and short sword walks behind the horse.
The horse is carrying two large baskets for the herbs, the sage
is walking next to the horse. "Where are we going sir?", asks
Denville. "Near the obelisk, there grows the midnight pain. We
have to harvest it after full moon and before noon or else it
will be useless."

Denville picks up his pace and walks in front of the mage and
its horse. "I know this forest", says Denville.
"Of course you know it, before you were my apprentice you poached
the King's forest, this forest." says the mage.

Denville has no recollection of that, he is a Starfleet officer
who is dreaming; but this is a strange dream.

Denville hears something brushing in the bushes. He lowers his
spear and walks towards the noise. The mage laughs, "You won't
catch her! Save your energy". "She? Who is she?", asks Denville.
The mage shakes his head, "She is a banshee, lad, leave her."

After a few hours walking Denville and the mage reach a clearing
in the forest. In the midst of the clearing stands a large stone,
the obelisk.

In indication of the mage Denville starts harvesting a strange
plant with a golden dagger. "Don't stop until I say so lad!",
and the mage leaves Denville alone.

Sweat drips from his forehead, "One basket full, another one to
go", thinks Denville, "Dreaming, am I dreaming?".

Yep, I have more time and inspiration thus a second post...
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