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  • Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:07:27 +0100 (BST)

Lt.Sam McCaw
Onboard the Coba del Ray, onroute for Indri VIII
After Kieran's Post

The holo-projection flickered, froze and dissappeared as Kieran's presentation 
came to an end. There was a moment of silence as Sam and Cynan took in what 
they had heard; Cynan spoke first, "Make best speed to Indri VII Mr.McCaw, 
Kieran - before we get there we need to figure out exactly why the Cardassians 
would be interested in a human artifact like the ark." Kieran nodded in 
agreement while Sam set to work on the controls. In seconds the stars began to 
twist and elongate as the captain's yacht set off for it's destination. 

The Coba del Ray dropped out of warp early, skirting round the outer edges of 
the Indri system. Sam's face was set in a look of intense concentration as he 
brought the small craft dangerously close to a island sized asteroid. "This is 
the one sir. I'm cutting engines in five, four..." Kieran cut in, "Docking 
harpoons away...and...secured." There was a noticable tug as the docking lines 
took the strain. Sam exhaled slowly, "Engines are off, powering down. Stealth 
running protocals are all in place." He took his hands off the controls, and 
grinned. "Well that was fun". The others were smiling now too. It had been a 
risky manouver, but now they could approach Indri VIII totally unnoticed, 
giving them a crucial element of surprise.

Cynan looked pleased, "Good job guys, what are your scans telliong you Kieran?"
There's an energy spike coming from somewher on the largest norther continent, 
but that's the place that was hit hardest by the Cardassian weapons, it's 
pretty inhospitable..."
"So a perfect hiding place?" interjected Sam.
"Exactly. We should check it out, how  long until our orbit brings us into 
transporter range Sam?"
Sam thought for a moment, "If we really want to avoid tipping our hand, we 
should wait two hours, then we'll be closest and the energy surge will be 
smallest. Also I'd recommend only two going on the reconiscance as that'll 
further reduce the energy spike."
Cynan nodded. "Good, we better get suited up and ready then."

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