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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 22:24:39 +0100 (BST)

He knew it had been confiscated for misuse once already today, an incident on 
one of the lower decks the details of which he'd not been privy to, but he 
hadn't exactly misappropriated it. The requisition had been put in for it - 
though he hadn't waited for the approval for it - and by the time he left he'd 
still not heard any objections.
The programme that he'd downloaded into it, however, was a slightly different 
story - if someone wanted to send him across known space in search of some 
obscure myth, he wanted some sort of contact on hand, and this was the best he 
could do.
Tucking it back into the small science pack he carried, he ducked his head 
slightly as he passed into the shuttle, laid down his larger, heavier pack and 
moved forward into the cockpit to be greeted by Cynan making launch 
Kieran settled into his seat in the second row, placing his PADD down on the 
console interface and downloading the flight-plan straight from there before 
settling back a little to begin his 'presentation'.
The cool grey of the inner walls of the shuttle-bay gave way - briefly - to the 
azure blue flicker of the energy-discharge as the metallic bulk of the shuttle 
exited, and the colder black of space wrapped itself around them and they were 
free with the stars.
Off on their quest, as it were.
"The Vulcan mystic Surak, who founded the currently predominant anemotive 
philosophy is said to have had his revelation whilst shaping crystals for one 
of the psychic weapons that were the vogue of that era.
This particular crystal, the Shal'taro has since gone missing, and is said to 
contain the essence of his thoughts at that time, impregnated psychically into 
the matrix itself.
The Andorians believe that a volcanic eruption on their world destroyed the 
temple of Kasith, an early deity of peace, as a sign of the Gods' displeasure 
with their pacifist tendencies. Each of the predominant tribes was given a 
fragment of this rock as a symbol of the need to strive for dominance, and they 
believed that if the pieces were ever reassembled, the secrets revealed would 
make the wielder invincible."
He looked up, seeing the mixture of anticipation and impatience in their looks 
as they listened, and he turned the chair round slightly to face them.
"Most every culture in the Federation at some point in their history has some 
religious or socially significant event recorded or pre-ordained in stone for 
posterity. Anthropologically speaking, for primitive cultures, it is a sign of 
permanency, a lasting memorial to the event, or an enduring record.
Humanity has the Ark of the Covenant, from Judaeo-Christian myth and legend - 
the remnants of the two stone tablets Moses was alleged to have retrieved from 
atop Mount Sinai upon which Yahweh had inscribed the ten commandments.
We have been tasked with finding that Ark."
He paused a few moments, letting that idea settle in, gnawing gently on the 
inside of his cheek as he waited, until he saw that they'd both taken that in.
"Preposterous as that might sound, it isn't a complete flight of fantasy. 
Professor Richard Galen hypothesised - and it was later proven - that most of 
the humanoid lifeforms in this quadrant, and perhaps beyond, were genetically 
and socially manipulated in order to advance their evolution and civilisation.
Galen based his research as much on commonality of myth and legend as genetics 
and physiological similarities, in an investigation spanning nineteen different 
isolated cultures.
Each of these cultures, at some technologically or socially critical juncture 
received a similar stone icon that was used to unify and unite them, that was 
later removed or lost in order to prevent it being used by any particular 
faction for dominance.
Those icons still have a strong cultural power, at the very least, and worse 
they may have some form of geno-morphic resonance that compels obedience with 
their strictures.
If these objects have been hoarded and saved, the pose a significant cultural 
heritage, and an even more significant proposition for ransom.
Information suggests, however, that these icons are being sought by the 
Cardassians. Intelligence from several sources - primarily, I think, captured 
Borg items and inference from their search patterns, though some information 
has likely come from the Yridians - suggests that they may be seeking a more 
covert source of assault.
Elements of the previous administration remain at large in Cardassian society, 
and only the naive and the Cardassian public officials profess that groups such 
as the Obsidian Order have been eradicated. Some element of the Cardassian 
subculture is seeking evidence of these artifacts - whether for use agains 
their own culture or others remains unclear.
What worries StarFleet Intelligence enough to seek the assistance - openly seek 
it, I might add - of the Science division is the amount of information the Borg 
appear to have on this operation. Efforts appear to be focussed about Indri 
VIII, at the moment. A small class O planet, it was scoured by Cardassian 
weapons that initiated a plasma cascade in the lower atmosphere in 2369 in an 
attempt to prevent scientists from other cultures discovering anything further 
along the lines of Professor Galens research.
Cardassian vessels once again have been seen in the vicinity of Indri VIII, and 
we have been sent to ensure that if any such cache does remain it does not fall 
into the hands of private Cardassian citizens."
OFF> Sorry, this is a bit terse, but I've run out time tonight... let's run 
with this for now :)
Lieutenant-Commander Kieran Darkwater
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer
USS Vanguard
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