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Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard - Shuttle...........
Following:  More surprises up our I mean the Borg's sleeve

>They arrived in Sickbay. Mandrake and Highwaij were standing around the
>surgical table.
>“Doctor, I need you to help increase Zena’s chances of surviving any
>attempts the Borg make to assimilate her.”
>“What about us!” Mandrake barked.
>“I’m counting on the fact she’ll ignore the two of you.”
>“That’s what I enjoy about this assignment, Cynan,” Highwaij said. “I
>feel so vital.”
>“We’ll try,” Droin said.
>“No, I need you to do, not try,” Santos said.
>“We’ll do our best,” Droin snapped.


A few moments later they arrived at the shuttle bay and entered one of the
shuttles whom was waiting for them,
Highwaij jumped behind the communication and ops controlls in the back as he
made contact with the bridge he was ready to start whille Zena seated
infront of him and Mandrake behind the helm controlls.

A few moments later they flew out "We lost communications" Highwaij said

"We expected this, conitnu as planned" Zena ordered

As the flew towards the Borg they cold see the doors of the Piramid opening
as a tractor beam was getting them
"Can we break from it" Zena asked

"Possible" Mandrake said

"I'm sure I can send out a jamming signal" Highwaij said, "But only for a
few seconds"

"That will be enought" Madrake said

'Good, we have options to escape, now let us enter" Zena said 'As the
shuttle entered the huge borg piramid

Lt. Highwaij
Chief Communications Officer

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