[USS Vanguard] More surprises up our I mean the Borg's sleeve

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Been kinda lax in my posting. Let's see what kinda trouble I can get into.


Xristha Droin took a seat at the science station and familiarized herself 
with the controls. It had been quite some time since sitting in front of a 
computer console other than her medical computers. Her memory was hazy, but 
she slowly began to get the hang of it.

After her brain wreck in sickbay she was lucky she could function. After 
deliberating for 10 minutes she decided to plant malignant carcinogenic 
cells and infected her friend Zena with the human immunodeficiency 
virus...or at least a non-human form. She also injected her with a inhibitor 
of the acquired imune deficiency syndrome, the final stage of the HIV 
disease, and a resistor to the symptoms of the HIV. Droin surmised that 
neither disease would have enough mitosiatic time to take over her body and 
with treatment Zena would recover. Droin hypothesized that the pathogens 
would attack any cell or blastule in Zena's body, i.e., borg nanites. This 
would possibly buy Zena some time.

{well Andy that is the best I could do on short notice...and btw - next time 
I am put on the spot I will give Santos elephantitus - of the left foot ;).}

As the Vanguard prepared to fire upon the lead Borg vessel a blue light 
engulfed them. "Report." Santos snapped.

Droin ran her fingers across the console, "We are being scanned." She 
continued to hypothesize, "The computer does not recognize the signature."

A volley of torpedoes hit the first Borg pyramid as the other two moved away 
and after the other ships.

Droin piped up, "One of the pyramids is cloaking." The pyramid shimmered in 
subspace as it moved towards the Hurricane.

"How far is the Hurricane?" Santos asked.

She'ra replied, "Far enough for their sensors to not know a Borg pyramid is 
after them under cloak."

Santos knew the communications were down and the ship was vulnerable heading 
for a safe haven. He may have signed their deaths.

"Set course to intercept the cloaked Borg cube."

His orders were followed.


The annoying broken chirp sounded from the computer console in front of the 
new helm.


"The ship is not responding." Jaav spoke.

Xristha sensed the anxiety in the crew and understood their powerful 
emotions towards the Hurricane crew. She ran a scan, "Our warp core is 
flooded with verteron particles." She thought, "It was the beam. Krist--the 
Borg knew we would sacrifice ourselves for the Hurricane and she---they 
rendered us adrift."

Santos breathed in heavily. "Prepare to neutralize the particles."

Xristha looked down at the science station and thought to herself, "Now 
where is that neutralize particles button?"


Anyone want to take over...sorry to throw one at you escapees, but you 
didn't think I would let you get away while I have to sit at a damn Science 
station, did you?

Xristha Droin

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