[USS Vanguard] In this head my thoughts are deep

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Continuing from "Mo' Officers, Mo' Trouble"

The Captain fell to floor, instantly Droin and Soman were at his side 
"He's gone into some kind of arrest," Droin said

Zena heard a voice yet it seemed a little fuzzy to her

"Zena.....Zena where are you?" She heard her fathers voice echo from the 
distance, the eight year old sat in the long grass, tears ran down her face, 
the purple sky fading as night approached. 

She sat clutching her knees, she brought her arm up and wiped the tears onto 
her sleeve

She suddenly rose into the air, her fathers hand firmly holding on to the 
scruff of her collar, he started to pull her in the direction of home, she 
tried to resist but it was no use

"Let go of me!" She screamed 

Her father knelt down and held onto her arms firmly "Enough!" he bellowed 
"You're coming home and you'll apologise to Emerzen for your outburst!"

Zena screwed her face up "I will not! I didn't do anything wrong I don't want 
to go to your stupid school I want to explore the stars!"

"Well sometimes Zena we have to do things that we don't want to do for the 
greater good, you have potential to do so much for Trill in the future and you 
want to throw it all away, abandon your homeworld for a federation who likes to 
think they rule everything and everyone, imposing their morals onto others" He 
father snapped at her

She managed to free an arm and struck her fathers nose

"And the winner is Cadet Eldon!" The voice boomed around the small arena as the 
crowd of Cadets cheered, the Terran announcer took Zena's arm and raised it in 
victory, her other arm down by her side holding onto her Bat'leth, the Klingon 
Cadet she had just knocked out lay motionless on the floor. Zena's body ached 
her ribs were sore and her eye was throbbing but she'd won.

The fight had been arranged two days earlier after Kraght'Or had boasted he was 
unbeatable in combat it was inconceivable to him that anyone could beat him let 
alone a female.

Soon after, the arena cleared and only Zena remained or so she thought, Mai 
appeared behind her with a hypospray in her hand. She sat next to Zena and 
pushed her hair from her face, Zena smiled. "You did good tonight" Mai said as 
she applied the hypo to Zena's neck

"I don't feel it" Zena replied trying to laugh. Mai held onto Zena's arm 
"you'll feel better once this kicks in" She said as she rose to her feet slowly 
"Come on lets get you back home"

Mai helped Zena into bed, her ribs still sore "You know you should go see the 
Doctor about that first thing tomorrow" Mai said concerned

"I will" Zena said comforting her, her eyes soon closed and she slept

The sound of the rain beating against the window made Zena stir, she slowly 
opened her eyes and saw Jaav stood by the window looking outside, thinking...he 
did that a lot. His muscular back on show Zena smiled to herself and sat up in 
the bed.

Jaav hearing the movement turned towards her "Sorry did I wake you?" his voice 
was smooth and soft. Zena tilted her head to the side and rubbed her neck "No, 
I think it was the rain" She said still half asleep 

Jaav smiled and walked over to the bed, he sat on the edge beside her and put 
his hand on hers

"It's so peaceful here isn't it" Jaav commented "Yes, Yes it is, I'm not used 
to it" Zena replied.

There was a moments silence between the two, but it wasn't awkward just nice, 
they were completely at ease with each other

"Marry me..." broke the silence, the words just came out of Jaav's mouth, 
calmly but with no warning

Zena opened her mouth to speak but paused for a moment, She pulled Jaav close 
and kissed him "Shall I take that as a yes?" he asked with a grin 

Zena pulled him back into the bed "noo, this is your yes" she giggled


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