[USS Vanguard] Homeward Bound

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Captain Zena Quetan
USS Gagarin

Zena strolled slowly down the corridor, her hands gently clasped behind her 
back, beside her Commander Sebastian Bennett walked with her.

"All systems have now been checked and are running at 100% She's in fine shape 
Captain" Bennett commented as they turned the bend

"Excellent" Zena replied nodding and smiling at a passing officer as she did so

They stepped into the turbolift

"So how's Kass?" Zena asked her first officer taking the conversation away from 
work for a moment

"Tired!" Sebastian replied smiling

"I'll bet!....twins! must be hard work... I'm surprised you've been reporting 
for duty on time!" Zena laughed

"Wanna know my secret? coffee and lots of it!" he said with a grin

The lift came to a stop and the doors swished open revealing the bridge, the 
two stepped out and the officer who was in command took to their station

"So have we missed anything interesting?" Zena asked the bridge staff as she 
sat in her chair

"Lieutenant Krell sneezed" Lieutenant Duffy replied cheekily

"Ah, well I'm sorry I missed it!" Zena laughed "Lieutenant Duffy can you set a 
course for Starbase Neptune"

"Aye Captain" Duffy replied

"Captain a priority message has just been received" Krell informed them just as 
the course had been set.

"Belay that order Duffy, Lieutenant Krell can you patch the message through to 
my office please" Zena stood and exited the bridge "Commander she's all yours" 
she said to Bennett as she walked into her office.

Zena sat down at her desk, she glanced at the holopicture which sat upon it, it 
was of her and Jaav on their visit to Bajor, Soman Drath had recommended a 
peaceful province to them during their time on the Vanguard and a few years ago 
they finally got the chance to visit it, it was as beautiful as Drath told them 
it was, she remembered how Jaav slipped off the edge of a river bank and 
drenched himself trying to get a photo of her on the other side, he was too 
busy attempting to get the camera at the "best angle" he didnt realise how 
close he was to the edge, she smiled at the memory.

She opened up the message and read it....it was from Jaav, the situation on 
Trill had worsened and the USS Gagarin had been requested to go to Trill to 

Zena quickly returned to the bridge "Slight change of plan....Set a course to 
Trill, maximum warp"

Bennett gave her a puzzled look

I'll explain on the way Zena assured him sitting down once again in her chair

As they travelled Zena stared into space she couldn't deny that she was looking 
forward to seeing her husband again but the circumstances were more than 


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