[USS Vanguard] The future looks.....?

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She'ra Khan
She'ra sat at the bar and stared at the officers around her. Half of them were 
smiling and she didn't know why. It bothered her and she didn't know why 
either. She smiled to herself and turned around.
Declan: Having a bad day Commander?
She'ra: Nah. Just one of those days when you wished you had stayed in bed. But 
on the bright side I spoke with Admiral Santos today.
Declan: What's he up to anyways?
She'ra: Same as always. Off on some adventure or another. I miss that ship. I 
Declan: Not again.
She'ra: You don...
Declan: I thought you were happy to be with us here....
He gave her one of those cute looks that no one can say no to. She'ra laughed.
She'ra: Don't give me that look. Oh come one Dec...you know I'm happy to be 
here. It's just that a part of my life is there, with the Vanguard.
Declan came around and sat down beside her.  He did this everytime he was about 
to impart some of his life saving advice.
Declan: Look at it this way Bonita. you're here, you're alive, you're happy and 
you gat me! Besides, it's been fifteen years?
She'ra laughed at that and then tried to look serious.
She'ra: Just you? Oh men!
Declan laughed and poked her in the sides. 
Declan: When are you going to bring little Aidan and Trisha to see me?
She'ra: Soon.
Declan: You always say that. I haven't met your kids yet She'ra and I don't 
think I can wait forever!
She'ra laughed and hit her comm badge. A few minutes later her kids ran in. 
Aidan first and then Trisha.
Aidan: Mom, you rang?
She'ra kissed him on the forehead and ruffled Trisha's hair.
She'ra: Alright Dec, These are my children, Aidan and Trisha.
She'ra watched as Declan went down on one knee and smiled at Trisha then shook 
her hand.
Declan: My, you look like your mommy.
Trisha: I know. Daddy says I have her eyes and her temper. I have the same 
marks as mommy.
Declan smiled up at She'ra. She'ra watched as he shook hands with Aidan.
Aidan: I don't look like mom. I look like dad.
Declan: What ever you say.
She'ra laughed as she sat them down at  a table and sat with them.
She'ra: Now, I have to leave for my shift soon, and you young man has to go 
back to astrometriks.
Trisha: What about me?
She'ra: You my little princess has to go to bed. It's way past your bedtime.
Trisha moaned and She'ra picked up the little one, smiled at Declan and they 
left sickbay. She tucked Trisha in then walked Aidan to Astrometriks.
She then headed to the bridge
Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan ) 


Let me get this straight, you're going into a village of people that wants to 
kill you for an earn that belongs to a monster that wants to kill you?

Tao, The Beastmaster

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