[USS Vanguard] An Alternative Trill

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Fifteen Years On

Jaav E'thexx


It had been the first time in over a century that snow had ever been present on 
an equatorial province of the Trill Homeworld.  The purple hue of the oceans 
refracted in the delicate, frozen, formations that littered the horizon, 
producing a fantastic and dazzling light show for any observer.  

It was an irony that such beuaty served only as a reminder of the troubled 
times that the planet now faced, there was no sign that the Weather Control 
System was likely to be restored.  

Jaav E'thexx clasped his hands as he stared out of his window, he permitted 
himself a gentle shake of the head, there was no-one around to witness it.  He 
moved away form the view, seating himself in his comfy simulated leather chair 
and pulling in towards the sturdy, antique mahogany desk in front of him.  

There was a solid knock on the door...

E'thexx:  Come in...

Jaav's aide, a young, slim woman named LoDell hurried into the chamber.

LoDell:  Professor, Federation Ambassador Neelix has arrived and requests to 
meet with you.  

E'thexx smiled softly at LoDell to ease her nervousness, she had only been 
recently appointed. Jaav had asked not to be disturbed, LoDell had correctly 
assumed that this situation required his attention. 

E'thexx:  Thank-you LoDell, escort the Ambassador to my chamber as soon as 

LoDell scurried from the room, closing the heavy wooden door behind her, 
accompanied by a satisfying 'clunk' from the brass handle.  

Moments later she returned, tapping on the door but not waiting for a response 
before opening it.  LoDell entered the room only a few steps, then gestured the 
rest of the way in to the Ambassador who followed instantly afterwards.  

Jaav stood up and beamed. 

E'thexx:  It's a pleasure to meet with you again Ambassador Neelix.  

Neelix:  Thank-you Professor, I only wish it were under better circumstances.  

Again Jaav took the seat behind his desk and motioned his hand towards the 
chair on the opposite side, which Neelix made himself comfortable in. 

E'thexx:  Can I get you something to drink Ambassador?

Neelix:  No, I'm afraid my current schedule doesn't permit me to stay here for 
very long...It will probably be best if I get to the point straight away.  

Jaav's gaze was intent and his attention did not waiver. 

Neelix:  I've just returned from a private consultation with Minister Kolvin of 
the Trill Planetary Council...Kolvin is unwilling to encourage the people to 
consider a more compromised course of action.  Kolvin has always played right 
into the hands of the unjoined majority and as long as they demand the use of 
artificial symbionts, he will support it, to secure his success in the next 

E'thexx:  What is the Federation's next step?

Neelix lowered his head, resting his thumb and forefinger before continuing, 
Jaav could tell he was struggling to continue.  

Neelix:  The Trill Parliament and fragmented Symbiosis Commisions show no sign 
of resolving the violence, there is a clear divide among the popuation of your 
planet, with factions vehemently in favour of and opposed to the use of 
Artificial Symbionts.  The Federation has decided that the conflict has gone on 
long enough, and ruled that Trill is now in a state of civil war...

Neelix stopped dead, he did not continue...

E'thexx: Go on. 

Neelix:  If the conflict is not resolved within the next few weeks, Trill will 
be expelled from the United Federation of Planets. 

E'thexx:  What! That's outrageous! The Federation cannot just aban...!

Neelix jumped in and attempted to deflate E'thexx before he mirrored the world 

Neelix:  For the time being it's just a threat Jaav, that's why I came to you. 
There is a precident, which allows for a representative neutral to the factions 
involved in the conflict, to request Starfleet military intervention.  

E'thexx:  Surely not?!  The University of Trill is hardly in a position of 
authority to make such a request. . 

Neelix:  In a normal situation I would agree, but the Federation Council does 
not wish to expell Trill.  As the Dean, you have the authority to make such a 
request, a Galaxy Class vessel could be here within two days.   

Neelix placed a compact PADD down on to the desk and slid it towards Jaav, he 
panned down the text, which contained encrypted and precise instructions from 
the Federation, he struggled to swallow.  He did not want to admit it, but his 
home planet was about to wage in a war which might continue for decades, 
perhaps fire really did need to be fought with fire.  Jaav slid the PADD back 
across to Neelix and jammed down the intercom button on his research console.  

E'thexx:{INTERCOM} LoDell, prepare to forward a priority subspace communication 
to the Federation Council...and to Captain Zena Quetan of the USS Gagarin. 


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