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No sooner had it powered up its weapons it fired a volley towards the USS 
Conscript. Knowing the Conscript could not withstand an attack such as this, 
Mandrake instinctively rolled the Vanguard around the Conscripts hull in a 
tight spiral, placing the underside of the ship in the volleys direct path.
Soman looked to Santos, who was slightly bewildered himself. He thought to ask 
Vogel to strengthen the shields but as he was about to speak, Vogel confirmed 
the action.

"Power to the shields redirected to the point of contact."

This time the Captain looked to Soman.

"Do you ever get the feeling we aren't needed around here?".

"Quote", Soman replied.

"How about you all actually wait for my orders this time, hmm?", the Captain 
address his staff.

"Aye sir, sorry sir", Mandrake and Vogel said in unison.

"Right. Now lock on to that ship and fire!"

The Vanguard moved into an attack position and fired. The attacking ship did 
not appear to want a fight though as it soon turned around and headed the other 

"Turn us around, Mr Mandrake. We best get everyone off the Conscript before 
they return."

"You think they'll be back, sir?", Soman asked the Captain.

"Almost definitely."

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