[USS Vanguard] It's all happening

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Lt. Zena Quetan
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Santos ran his fingers through his goatee and frowned, contact had just been 
cut with the two remaining officers on board the Conscript which obviously 
concerned him. A security team mean while had been sent to retrieve the torpedo 
which they had managed to transport over.

Zena scanned the Conscript and surrounding area her console beeped as it 
detected high levels of some sort of concoction of gases and radiation emitting 
from the Conscript

"Sir...I'm detecting high levels of an unknown substance coming from the 
Conscript...that could be why contact was cut with them, it's raising the 
temperature on the ship, making systems malfunction and causing 
interference...." Zena informed the Captain

"What do you propose Lieutenant?" he asked

"I'm not sure... If the temperature keeps rising then the ship will blow in 
less than an hour and anybody still on there will start to feel the effects of 
it way before that, if I could find a way to counteract it we could prevent it 
reaching that point or at least buy us some time to evacuate the remaining 
people on board and get the hell out of here!...or if that fails try and get 
another away team on their in hazard suits but that would be very dangerous" 
She replied

Santos nodded "Ok get to work on a way to reverse the effects I don't want to 
leave our officers on their any longer than necessary"

Zena walked towards the turbo lift to go to the Labs

The intercom came to life "Captain, We have opened the torpedo...." It was the 
security team

"And?" Santos replied

"Sir the occupant of it is dead...It's a Star Fleet Officer sir, not a 
prisoner" The line went silent 

"Thank you Lieutenant" Santos replied

"Sir! A ship has just appeared in the sector it's making a bee line for the 
Conscript, it's weapons are online" The officer at COMMS blurted out

"Go to Yellow Alert and Hail them.." Santos ordered

The bridge stood in silence as they waited on a reply...

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